ANgR MgMT – Apocalypse E.L.E.


If the world were to end today, this album would be its theme for doing so. Complete with beams of judgment, this album depicts the world ending the way it should be done: beautifully, and finally. Each original track was created from the ashes of a major crisis or other world-shattering event, and both remixes are completely annihilated versions of the originals. Enjoy, and remember to watch the show from a safe location: the edge of the solar system.

Nikmis – Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo


‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo, Which Had Undergone Musk Gland Enhancement Surgery, at The Expense of €599, in Order To Achieve Success With Members of the Opposite Sex. His name were Edward, and In Life He Had Been a Trained Ventriloquist, Although He Had Never Been to The Ocean’,

or ‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo’ for short, is Nikmis’ second full-length release on spoomusic, or anywhere for that matter! Artwork by Randy Green!


Happy New Year!

Stolen ImageWith this New Year we have launched the new, blogtacular redesign of Check back shortly as we will be releasing two new albums, one from Nikmis and one from ANgR MgMT. We’re still putting the finishing touches on this new website, so please let us know if anything is amiss. Thanks for visiting us, and best wishes for 2008!


p.s. i stole that image