Legacy Guestbook

guestbook.gifIf you’re wondering what happened to our guestbook, look no further. Our legacy is here, in the comments attached to this post.

New site in progress


The redesign is afoot! Woohoo! I’m so excited.

Entrevista sp00

spoo-moufs.gifWe did the following interview with a Venezuelan reporter, and it was to be translated into Spanish. We never heard back, and I’m not sure if it was ever published in any language (other than Klingon, in which all of our published writings are archived). If anyone sees this interview floating around on the net, please send a link! -ramen

Part 1 (spoomusic.com, the label)

*Hi guys, what is spoomusic.com (genres that you work with) / since when exist / where are you/ which acts you represent

Ariel Gross: Spoomusic.com is an indie record label that caters music of various electronic flavors. I think the general term for the style on our label would be IDM, but other buzzwords that apply are Ambient, Synthpop, Minimal, Techno, and Space Funk. One aspect of spoomusic.com that I think is greatly appreciated is that we have built a foundation of free music. You can go to the web site and there are 26 albums that are available to listen to completely free. You can even download the majority of them in their entirety as high-quality MP3s. (more…)

james morgan bug fix

Greetings humanoids!

We write this comment due to the absolute first, literally the first and only bug report generated by the late James Morgan. As you may know, the spoomusic.com site is faultless, and therefore, anyone providing information that might lead to the public discovery of its fallibility must be handled promptly, discretely, and without mercy, and will be elimidated on sight. We apologize for the heinous lack of oversight that our service has provided to our loyal, paying subscribers. Oh, wait a minute, this service is free. Anyway, James has been disintigrated per an e-mail sent on this great day of November 9th, 2007. Congratulations are an

Sincere salutations,


PS: srsly… everything should be working right now. if you find something that doesn’t work correctly, it is with great probability that you will be disintigrated AND that your bug will be addressed.

PPS: Coming soon — two great new albums, a highly anticipated remix album, and the highly anticipated, nay, CIPATED sp00 album. Stay tuned.