Spoon Music Volume 1 Released


We proudly present Spoon Music Volume 1, featuring many of your favorite spoomusic.com artists and a bunch of great guests! Includes tracks by:

  • Abstractology
  • alex black
  • ANgR. MgMT.
  • captainmarmalade
  • Consumer
  • Lime
  • Machine Spleak
  • Sir Katiie
  • Sleem
  • sudonim
  • Terminal 11
  • transient
  • wjoojoo

Thanks to all the artists who contributed to make this such a great compilation!


wpid-insik-sate-promotionless-shame-medium.jpginsik sate (pronounced “in six eight”)

This being my first release, my aim with this record is to do something slightly different in electronic music. This is indeed a bold statement considering this genre is built firmly on a foundation of avant garde experimentation. Ironically, my approach is to compose my music using somewhat traditional methods. I try to incorporate music theory from classical music, hungarian folk, and modern jazz, because those are the roots of my formal music education. Whenever possible I employ polyrhythm, chordal dissonance, and odd time signatures frequently to create a sense of depth. (more…)

Sir Katiie – Wonderland


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Lime – Relax


sp00 vs DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild

sp00 vs DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild

Recorded at a private performance at an underground mathematics guild. Fifteen
minutes of dark beats shared between the illustrious space cadets known as
sp00 and the mysterious funky prophet of minimalism known as DJ Kluge. Mixes
on this release page be is are 100% live composing and beat matching, no
pre-made songs, no saved songs, just music created on the fly, never to be
played again, made public for the first time by your friends at spoomusic.com
(with permission from the unnamed mathematics guild). (more…)

Machine Spleak – Eigenfunctions of the Soul Operator


Sudonim – the ballad of manuel automatic


Original disc artwork by Dieborg. Wallpaper available!

wjoo. joo. – Full Moon Yawn

wpid-wjoo.-joo.-full-moon-yawn-medium.jpg wjoo. joo.+ – Full Moon Yawn

“I suddenly see myself whizzing through chrome chutes lit up with tiny multi-colored flashing light-emitting diodes. They turn all directions as I zig and zag at high speeds. Then, just as suddenly, I am spit out of the chute and flying through the air. It’s moist, hazy, like I’m soaring through bright green clouds. Backwards gravity pulls me upward and I slam against a ceiling, looking down at what seems to be the sky. I turn into a dot, able to see and travel in all directions at once. As I expand, I recognize that I am simultaneously shrinking, becoming infinitely small. I see the Universe as a molecule, and I am that molecule that I am seeing.”

– a friend describes listening to Full Moon Yawn.

“wjoo. joo.+ feeds you shards of broken glitch, but not before coating your throat with a slippery pink liquid.”

– sleem

Hasse B – A Hasse B Audio Input Device

wpid-hasse-b-a-hasse-b-audio-input-device-medium.jpgZoiks! It’s the Hasse B album that you’ve all been waiting for! We know that so many of you have been craving the stompin’ hard hip hop IDM beats, and thus we present you with A Hasse B Audio Input Device. The debut album from the desert dwellin’ funkster delivers a lethal dose of soul, with songs dipping into sharp violin riffs and beats that will have you moving about uncontrollably. Your cravings will be satisfied, and it is presented to you here, completely free. It is a labor of love!

Click here to view Hasse B’s MySpace profile.

Reboot, Selector!