An Interview with Insik Sate

insik-sate-pic-1.jpgWe don’t know how we got there, nor can we prove that we were there at all, but this interview was conducted in a UFO. There were aliens around, but they were preoccupied, drinking martinis and smoking cigars. You know the type. Big ovan black eyes, small gray bodies, fedoras and tommy guns. We were sitting in a booth in the corner when one of these aliens approached us and pulled a zipper down from the top of his head. It was Insik Sate in disguise! (more…)

An Interview with Abstractology

abstractology-pic-1.jpgIt was within the darkest regions of outer space that we discovered a planet not too unlike our own, except that it was covered entirely by one giant city. It is here that we found a small craft just above the stratosphere, and within it, the ambient duo known as Abstractology. Independently, they are Andrew Pinaire and Matthew Blakely. Permission to dock was granted and the interview began. (more…)

ahhh … new beautiful ambiance by lime

wpid-lime.jpg Well hello, wonderous friends of — did you know that we love you? Please allow for us to express our sincere love for you by giving you a Lime cookie. This cookie is not just any lime cookie, either. It’s the brand new release by our brand new artist! We are proud to present to you Relax, by Lime. This E.P. is filled with sonorous ambiance that will have you floating among astroid belts, observing Earth as a dot in the distance. Ethereal pads forming crystalline melodies makes this disc ideal for the space cadet. You will drift, dear friend!

As expected, this disc is offered to you free of charge in full length as high quality mp3s. Delay not!

Go, listen now! Listen unto bliss!

New minimalist phod smatterings by Sudonim

Hi everyone! Guess what? We’re wearing tuxedos! Why? Because we are presenting Sudonim and his debut release, the ballad of manuel automatic. We’re serving up cutlets of minimal IDM garnished with chopped up vocal bits and snippetbeat purée. Sudonim sneaks inside your head with an unsuspecting bounce and claws his way out with titanium fingernails, leaving you joyously fried in a puddle of your own blippets. Hold on to your circuits, you may be apt to drop them in a toe-tapping frenzy.

In other news, we are happy to relay that work on our premier compilation album has begun. It will feature a slew of artists and a handful of their alter egos, as well as some really exciting guest musicians. More to be posted as progress is made. In the meantime, stop reading this and go listen!