An Interview with ANgR MgMT

angr-mgmt-pic-1.jpgWe were casually plummeting towards Earth from the stratosphere in a high-altitude skydive when we spotted a little dot falling at the same speed. We swooped over to it and found that it was our very own ANgR MgMT. Why not do the interview during the free-fall? So very odd to see you here, plummeting towards Earth like this. Anyway, ever gone by anything else? (more…)

Two Flippin Rad Discs Out Today – new goodness

It has been a while since we came at you with some new free tunes for your devices. So, since we feel stricken with guilt, we’re shooting two new discs out of the music cannon and right onto your lap! Careful, it’s still hot, and we don’t want you to burn your tickly bits.

First up is the second release by our renowned princess of elegant chip’t synthestra, Sir Katiie. Wonderland is a three song EP that will have you cascading down the purple waterfalls nestled deep within the nether worlds of your mind. We can only describe it as switched-on Katiie; beautiful melodies to take you far away from whatever you’re doing and just enough rockin’ to bring you back.

Second up is a brand spankin’ new artist! We are proud to present Eigenfunctions of the Soul Operator by Machine Spleak. This disc covers a lot of ground, so it has been determined that we can only call it scraped-ambient-one-step-calamitycore. That, or intelligent-nervedrum-dripbeat-chaosrock. We’re very serious about classifying music, and this disc was almost unclassifiable. You must hear it to fully understand.

These two discs are yours for free to download as full-length, high quality mp3s. Please enjoy them irresponsibly, possibly while driving your tank through Ohio. Or maybe you will be flying your spacecraft through an asteroid belt… We don’t really know. The most important thing is the irresponsibility, isn’t it? Are you still reading this? Go listen already!

Sound in the Ground @ MESA ARTS CENTER

thru the wires
October, 12 2006 at MESA ARTS CENTER

Mesa, AZ 85211
Cost: 8

To add to an already exciting year of exhibitions at Mesa Contemporary Arts (MCA), the galleries are launching a new Thursday evening series called ..Sound in the Ground… Each Sound in the Ground evening will have an individual name and theme that will compliment the artwork on display. Musical performers, artist..s demos, activities, and surprises will be featured at Sound in the Ground. The series begins on October 12 with Visual/Audio, an evening of electronic music and circuit bending. Performers for Visual/Audio include:

  • Not Breathing
  • ZIA
  • Terminal 11
  • Back Ted N-Ted
  • Aharon Rosen

Also featured will be a cooking demo by Chef Tim of Bak’d and circuit bending courtesy of Jesse Rutherford and Dave Wright. Tucson artist Adam Cooper-Terán will add projections.

Free light appetizers and a cash bar will be available. Sound in the Ground is open to those 18 and older and will last from 9pm until midnight. Doors will open at 8:45pm. Tickets are $8 at the door and $6 in advance by purchasing online at Online tickets for Visual/Audio will go on sale September 1.