Insik Sate on the Radio!

Insik Sate has been getting some radio airplay recently, both internet and terrestrial! Here are some of the stations that have been broadcasting Insik Sate’s radio goodness:

Plus FM ·
Eclectic Electronic Radio streaming from France.

Radio Hed ·
Broadcasting from London, Radio Hed brings you an ever evolving playlist of classic IDM, chilled folktronica, dark n dirty dubstep, micro-electro techno, krunchy glitch, drillin drum n bass, and the freshest beatz n bleepz to tickle your eardrumz with…

Below Zero Beats
Below Zero was started by Mason Rothert to bring the downtempo sound to the FM airwaves. Below Zero also features Sinukus as one of the partners and residents. Blowfish Sushi and Jason Teplitsky have stepped up to support the show as it’s main sponsor. Below Zero Airs every Sunday Night in San Francisco on ENERGY 92.7FM from 8pm until Midnight.

Alter Ego Radio · Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
CJUM 101.5 UMFM presents [Alter Ego Radio – version 2.0] with your host Suz and returning diplomats, Indy and Jules, airing each Saturday from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM CST.

Lounge Syndicate ·
Downtempo, Chill, IDM streaming on Winamp’s Shoutcast.

The Push Sidestreams ·

IDM, Techno, House ·
Location: Minneapolis, MN, United States
Dave Wesley hosts this minimal techno, microhouse, and experimental electronic mix… liberally sprinkled with eccentricities.

New Release – A Hasse B Audio Input Device

Well hello, dear friends of — have we told you lately that we love you? We’re going to do so today in the form of two phenomenal releases! First up, a brand new artist to, ladies and gentlemen Hasse B! /cheer

We know that you have all been desperately craving some slammin’ clipt-hop beats and our hero Hasse B has come to the rescue with A Hasse B Audio Input Device. These tunes project images of skyscrapers in the city and under-the-club basement parties, and you may very well find Hasse B within either of these locations. Listen to it immediately!

But wait! There’s more! We’ll give you the new Hasse B album, the knife set, the poisonour brown recluse spider larvae, and, for a limited time only, brand new live electrozonic mayhem brought to you by sp00 and DJ Kluge! Yes, it’s true, we have added a second live set to the Minimal Math Guild recordings by the name of Substring Theory. Act now and you can have all of this — absolutely free, no strings attached!

lots of love – your friendly friends at