Two New Releases – wjoo. joo.+ and sp00 vs. DJ Kluge

Holy shmokes! It’s the brand spankin’ new wjoo.joo.+ album, Full Moon Yawn! Five toasty tracks tickling you with glitch glissandos and mysterious melodies that slip in and slide around inside your ears. Our dear wjoo. joo.+ sprinkles specks of speech and oddness into the ripples of reverb and randomness that flow underneath the barrage of neck-breakin’ nanobeats. Don your favorite pair of headphones and immerse yourself. Do so now and you will be greatly rewarded!

Part two of our mid-month mayhem is sp00 vs. DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild. This is a fifteen minute live set recorded at an underground mathematics guild meeting. Listen to sp00 square the circle while DJ Kluge doubles the cube. End reading, commence listening.

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sp00 – Fable

wpid-sp00-fable-medium.jpg Fable is a full length release that covers all sorts of musical territory. You will hear strong melodic ambience in songs such as 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4 is ten and merry go round lose focus. You will also hear oddly brutal trip-hop tracks like Worlwide Chaos Mantra and Why Do You Die. And, true to traditional sp00 stylings, there are just enough songs that sound like the forcable thrusting of a video game character into a weird real life fantasy to keep you grinning along the way. Experience the futuristic emotional peculiarities!

— sleem! (aka funkymuskrat, etc)

New Release – Insik Sate – PROMOTIONLESS SHAME

Cybies and gentlebots, please join us in welcoming Insik Sate to the roster with his debut release, PROMOTIONLESS SHAME. There is just enough glitch to give you hiccups and more than enough lush melodies to give you goosebumps. Our first artist hailing from The Big Apple brings the hardness of the city but doesn’t leave you stranded on a street corner. No, instead he carries you high above the skyline and dangles you in the air by a sine wave chord while the turbulence plays with your shoestrings. Quit reading — go listen!