RamenBoy – Dont Be Afraid


Sir Katiie – Wicked Child

wpid-sir-katiie-wicked-child-medium.jpgIn Sir Katiie’s debut spoomusic.com release, Wicked Child, the listener is in for a truly eclectic treat. It is too rare that Simon Belmont and TOOL find themselves mentioned in the same sentence, but thanks to this disc, we are able to make it happen. But rockin’ Castlevania remixes aren’t all you get with Wicked Child. You also get sophisticated avant-garde synth ballads the way that only Sir Katiie can make them — classical music for the video game era. We are thankful that we may present it to you here, completely free.

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Sir Katiie – Wicked Child – you must listen

Here it is. The debut Sir Katiie album, Wicked Child.

It has been a long time in the making and it is now turned over to you. It is your duty to crank these tunes and shake that booty where applicable. Is this the first disc in which Castlevania and TOOL appear together? It is for us…

Now go, quickly, listen to the music.

<3 always, spoomusic.com

Abstractology – Mammals and Computers


Mammals and Computers is one of those discs that stimulates one’s thoughts, sending them soaring over snow capped mountains and through underground hallways lined with control panels. It is heard as a fusion of lovely organic streams and chittering animals with chrome cityscapes and robotic insects. The dark ambience feels ominous at times, daring one to imagine combinations of flesh and circuitry, and yet there is a human touch to it all.