sp00 – Intergalactic Spaceways

wpid-sp00-intergalactic-spaceways-medium.jpg Please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for blast-off into the vast reaches of space and time. Your spaceway pod has been equipped with the very latest in speaker technology and we can promise you an unparalleled listening experience. Please lower your protective face-shield and lock your gravity sockets into place. Our in-warp dinner will be freeze-dried vegetable paste garnished with squang. Thanks again for flying sp00 Intergalactic Spaceways!

— 5leem

sp00 – Music From The Space Bar

wpid-sp00-music-from-the-space-bar-medium.jpg We are psyched to give to you the new sp00 disc, titled Music From The Space Bar. This disc is an interpretation of the music that we heard on our many trips through space, visiting alien stations and planets of various types. We are aware that most of our listeners cannot afford to travel to the distant stars, so we have brought the distant stars to you…

ANgR MgMT – Cut Ups EP


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