RamenBoy – Splat!

Splat! is an album I wrote during the turn of the millenium, and as such it contains the sounds of 1900s-era software-based electronic music instruments such as Impulse Tracker and FruityLoops. (more…)

New Release – Neti Neti – Induction EP

Check out this new release from Neti Neti, a man of many styles (and many names, one of which is Reverberation Sound System, of RamenFest fame and well before that). Both tracks will be featured on the forthcoming full-length album, “Focus”, and delve into realms of abstract noise and hypnotic stereo effects.

sp00 – Space Beacon

DJ Tek – Live at Ramenfest Eleven

wpid-dj-tek-live-at-ramenfest-eleven-medium.jpg DJ TEK.

Big-ups to the one they call DJ Tek, as he rocks this house party from ’99-infinite. Live Impulse Tracker at the Ramen House, Tempe, AZ, 1999.

The house no longer stands, but the music continues…

sp00 – Dig we Dig (Prerelease)

wpid-sp00-dig-we-dig-prerelease-medium.jpg This album is still a work in progress. It started as a simple album, then I decided I wanted it to be a concept album with a Dig Dug theme… then I changed my mind and wanted to make it into a sort of radio show… then Jason Z did some kick-ass artwork for it, but then we got hacked, and I got super-busy, and now… well, it’s just an unfinished album. It’s got some new songs that I kinda like, and some fun live stuff that Ari and I did together during the past year. Hopefully it’ll be done soon.


Drex Rekker – Chonk it Chonus

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RamenBoy – Numbers EP

sp00 – We Feel It EP

sp00 – Mars Radio Hits

wpid-sp00-mars-radio-hits-medium.jpgThis disc was received when Ramenboy and Funkymuskrat were existing perpetually in the same time and location. They would aimĀ their magnophone at the sky, recording onto giant reels of ectomagnic tape. They would align their spacetennae to the vicinitiesĀ of space near the planet Mars. Their recordings would later be dumped directly into their holobox, which had been encrypted…

until now.

— sleem…?

sp00 – Live at Thru The Wires

wpid-sp00-live-at-thru-the-wires-medium.jpg This is a live recording from Modified Arts, located in Phoenix, AZ, USA, Earth. It was the middle of summer, and the air conditioning at the venue was broken. It was easily over 100 degrees in there, and although the CPUs in our boxes didn’t melt, our faces did. Or at least appeared to. Through the sweat. And now you can listen as if you were there. We recommend turning the heat in your home up to at least 104 to truly share in our experience.

— sleem!?