thanks for coming

Hey err’body!

Thanks for coming to our show at Modified! It was a blast. We’re working on assembling all of the audio and video footage. It might take us a little while, though, so be please be patient. Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone who played! Shout-outs to Drex Rekker, T11 (missed you, bro!), the Modified Arts staff, Menegam, Monoculture, Morgan’s Magic Book Bus, Scarlett Johamster (long time no see!), Jen de la Pintura C√≥smica, Barb, Addie and Kyle for the footage, Barb, Addie, and Lacey, for runnin’ merch, Tom for the quadrillions of projected triangles, whoever did that trippy oil projection (Ariel, wanna fill that in here?), Steve for the much-appreciated drum roadie-ing, and everyone who helped us set up, tear down, and rock out. We love you!!!



To the lady or gentleman who asked…

We will indeed be providing MP3 downloads soon, and this has been our plan from the very beginning. We just need to write some code so that we can control the process a little bit, since not all of our artists may want to release every song for download.

But thanks for complaining reminding us. =)