sp00 live at THRU THE WIRES – november 26, 2005 – update


Saturday November 26th
8pm @ Modified Arts (407 East Roosevelt / PHX 85004 / 602 462-5516)
$6 @ the door

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Hey Everybody!!

Come celebrate 2 years of experimental electronics, freaky glitch, heady IDM, blastbeat breakcore, aberrant ambient, and general wackiness with the TTW Boyz!! We barely even noticed ourselves, but yes! 2 years have gone by since the inception of this fabulous night… And we want to celebrate it with you and a cadre of fantastic musicians representing some of our old school favorites (spoo) and some of the new faces of TTW future (monoculture/menagam).

Some of you have been around since show 1, and we’d like to extend a huge, sloppy 26 tentacled squid/bear hug to you… We don’t make a single dime off these shows, and the cozy community of likeminded nutcases coming together to party has been the only thing to keep this night alive and keep it the ONLY consistently worthwhile experimental showcase in the barren Valley… So come on down and lets relive some of what has been the greatest part of sticking around for the last few years…

We will be taking a sabbatical the month of December, so please talk up this show and help us break all attendance records to make sure we can come back at’chall with some serious force in the new year…. Friends of friends of friends of family of friends!! Let’s get the fire dept. called on us, huh? I mean, who can argue with free cake….

-Drex / Term

sp00 Pan-fried Electro FUNK core … Live drums meet mountains of equipment for a rave-up/hoe-down/shake around dance party of feel-good melodic meltdown, in a grand fashion.

MONOCULTURE SLICK ass beats make out with each other 90210 style in a breakbeat onslaught worty of Yves St. Laurent’s birthday party.

MENAGAM Live mario core chiptuneage and full on Rngling Bros. stage show plus PHD in synth mangling.

MORGAN’S MAGIC BOOK BUS 12 year old spastic freakout ala Boredoms meets Teletubbies and Yogurt salesmen.

SCARLETT JOHAMSTER Hip hop house happiness cut up cuisinart style.. berlin-core all nighters.