Two New Releases by Sir Katiie and McMindreader

wpid-katiie-hat.jpgGuess who’s back? Our own maiden of mystery comes at you with another rockin’ release: Sir Katiie – X. Everyone wants more Katiie cuts, and we’re happy to deliver them to you every single time! This time Katiie is back with with three tracks, each with their own distinct flavor. From the experimental ambiance of IX, to the classic synth headbanginz of X, to the swooning nostalgia of XI. This is Sir Katiie’s third release with us, making her an incredibly rad human being. Way to go, Katiie! You rock! We love you!

wpid-mcmind-01.jpgPart two of our exciting saga of springtime serendipity is a brand new artist to the repertoire. We are pleased to present to you Wrinkles by McMindreader. This is McMindreader’s second disc and first release with We’re happy to welcome him into the fold! Get it? Fold? Wrinkles? No? Ok.

Two brand new releases for yo’ nogginz and what are you doing? You’re sitting here reading this! Go! Listen now! Listen until your head explodes!

<3 Love always, your friends at <3

March is over update

Wellz, the ol’ March is over. It’s been a crazy month for your friendly friends at We want to thank everyone for coming to our three shows. First was the First Fridays art walk in downtown Phoenix with the power generators and the random old guys talking to sp00 whilst in the middle of trying to beat match three laptops. Second was the massively lovely COPPE + sp00 + Back Ted-N-Ted + Mike B. + Jas + Terminal 11 show at Modified Arts — are there guest artists that I’m forgetting? Probably. We got audio and video recordings of that one, which will eventually be posted here. Then there was the sp00 + About + Dirty Hasselhoff + Tokyo Bloodworm + ancient plague mummy massacre incarnate osiris show at The Paper Heart, which was the goodness. Thanks again everyone who came, we love you more than words could possibly express! Even words like eternally, undying, and googolplex. We love you forever + forever for your support.

In other news, Sleem of sp00 has been creating Sound Borbs. Sound Borb is a free ambiance generator. Sleem has been putting together some wicked sounding ambiances — you can download Sound Borb by clicking HERE and you can download Sleem’s Borbs here: Asylum, Snorx, Vioswarm, Honey.

In other other news, we have tons of amazing music pending, so hold on to your britches and/or your suspendies and prepare to blast off into the futuristic year of 600 billion trillion thousand.

<3 always to the spoo heads,

sleem + ramen + tinklesquirt

Brand new goodness for 2007

wpid-angr-eve.jpgYou’re not going to believe this…but you must! Your lovely friends at are kicking off 2007 right by giving you two new amazing discs! First up, the second disc by our techno glitch hero, ANgR. MgMT., titled Better Now! And you better believe that it is ten solid tracks of IDM-granulated heel-stompin’ madness from the man who knows exactly how to make you jump out of your seat and smash around! We are thankful to welcome ANgR back after much longing with this phenomenal disc, presented to you here freely with the utmost joy.

wpid-iceberg.jpgSecond up in our day o’ fun is Bristol – The North. Just what you need to cool off after a heavy dose of ANgR, our brand new artist pokes holes into the veil of other realities with a tasty mixture of undulating ambiance and trip-hop drum tracks. Our mysterious new artist gives us a glimpse of the chilly north as winter slowly draws to a close, which is why we suggest enjoying this album with a steamin’ hot cup of liquidy bliss.

In other news, has officially pervaded several corners of Internet space, including iTunes, eMusic, and Napster. Options are now available for our future artists to have their music digitally distributed by these companies and more. If you are interested, please send an e-mail using our contact form to staff.

Now, go listen to our awesome new discs! Spread the good music! Love always, your best friends at

Spoon Music Volume 1 Released


We proudly present Spoon Music Volume 1, featuring many of your favorite artists and a bunch of great guests! Includes tracks by:

  • Abstractology
  • alex black
  • ANgR. MgMT.
  • captainmarmalade
  • Consumer
  • Lime
  • Machine Spleak
  • Sir Katiie
  • Sleem
  • sudonim
  • Terminal 11
  • transient
  • wjoojoo

Thanks to all the artists who contributed to make this such a great compilation!

Reboot, Selector!


Thru The Wires – 3 Year Anniversary

OG TTW Krew @ First Fridays!!

Art Walk (First Friday)
Friday: December 1st, 2006
6:30pm – 11:00 pm

Metro Arts Project Artist Market
Southwest corner of 4th Street and Garfield

YO! Looks like a good week for the old Art Walk… We will be representing HAWD GANGSTUH RAPPAH Style with a phunky phresh lineup of TONS OF OG Thru the Wires crew members with an outdoor IDM hoedown party on the corner!! Please come attired in large marshmallow snow coats, insulated bling, and Galoshes. DAmn near a festival quality lineup….


Phortran (a Bend/Sinister reunion show??? Lord only knows!)
Morgan’s Magic Book Bus

Photos on Flickr from First Fridays


Photos from yesterday’s First Fridays show are available on Flickr!

ahhh … new beautiful ambiance by lime

wpid-lime.jpg Well hello, wonderous friends of — did you know that we love you? Please allow for us to express our sincere love for you by giving you a Lime cookie. This cookie is not just any lime cookie, either. It’s the brand new release by our brand new artist! We are proud to present to you Relax, by Lime. This E.P. is filled with sonorous ambiance that will have you floating among astroid belts, observing Earth as a dot in the distance. Ethereal pads forming crystalline melodies makes this disc ideal for the space cadet. You will drift, dear friend!

As expected, this disc is offered to you free of charge in full length as high quality mp3s. Delay not!

Go, listen now! Listen unto bliss!

New minimalist phod smatterings by Sudonim

Hi everyone! Guess what? We’re wearing tuxedos! Why? Because we are presenting Sudonim and his debut release, the ballad of manuel automatic. We’re serving up cutlets of minimal IDM garnished with chopped up vocal bits and snippetbeat purée. Sudonim sneaks inside your head with an unsuspecting bounce and claws his way out with titanium fingernails, leaving you joyously fried in a puddle of your own blippets. Hold on to your circuits, you may be apt to drop them in a toe-tapping frenzy.

In other news, we are happy to relay that work on our premier compilation album has begun. It will feature a slew of artists and a handful of their alter egos, as well as some really exciting guest musicians. More to be posted as progress is made. In the meantime, stop reading this and go listen!