Auto Von Bismarck – Bludkind

Auto Von Bismarck - Bludkind Cover Art

The debut EP from Auto Von Bismarck, also known as sleem of sp00. This disc started as an experiment to learn new techniques, but Bismarck decided that someone out there may enjoy the results. The album consists primarily of a funky, odd blend of electro house with a taste of dubstep in the final track, Fangs.

Vocal snippets in the song Bludkind are courtesy of coppe’ :


Well Enough Alone – Music by Ariel Gross

A special little treat for you ghastly Halloween-loving sp00heads!

The following is a short film titled Well Enough Alone, featuring music by Ariel Gross of sp00. Three minutes of scarecrow-induced horror at which you are likely to cackle maniacally! (we root for the monsters over here at spoomusic)

Well Enough Alone – available on YouTube in glorious HD!


Matt & The Dronings’ Debut Album, “For Torching”, Out Now

Involved in the East Texas music scene since his early teens, Matthew Curtis, lead singer/songwriter for Matt & The Dronings, started his musical career releasing home recordings independently and through the internet label (from Tempe, Arizona) under the alias of Second Act Overture.


Happy 808 Day!

Today is 08/08/08! Happy 808 Day, everybody!

What are your favorite songs featuring 808s?

Happy New Year!

Stolen ImageWith this New Year we have launched the new, blogtacular redesign of Check back shortly as we will be releasing two new albums, one from Nikmis and one from ANgR MgMT. We’re still putting the finishing touches on this new website, so please let us know if anything is amiss. Thanks for visiting us, and best wishes for 2008!


p.s. i stole that image

Legacy Guestbook

guestbook.gifIf you’re wondering what happened to our guestbook, look no further. Our legacy is here, in the comments attached to this post.

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The redesign is afoot! Woohoo! I’m so excited.

james morgan bug fix

Greetings humanoids!

We write this comment due to the absolute first, literally the first and only bug report generated by the late James Morgan. As you may know, the site is faultless, and therefore, anyone providing information that might lead to the public discovery of its fallibility must be handled promptly, discretely, and without mercy, and will be elimidated on sight. We apologize for the heinous lack of oversight that our service has provided to our loyal, paying subscribers. Oh, wait a minute, this service is free. Anyway, James has been disintigrated per an e-mail sent on this great day of November 9th, 2007. Congratulations are an

Sincere salutations,

PS: srsly… everything should be working right now. if you find something that doesn’t work correctly, it is with great probability that you will be disintigrated AND that your bug will be addressed.

PPS: Coming soon — two great new albums, a highly anticipated remix album, and the highly anticipated, nay, CIPATED sp00 album. Stay tuned.

WE BACK BEBY WE BACK — two new releases!

Holy cripes! Here comes with two rad new releases, just when you need them most! Today marks the release of a brand new artist and as a second disc by an artist you already know and love. Please, if you have one of those little circular knobs for a light switch, dim the lights and wax your speakers as you prepare for a sonic journey through the very fabric of time.

Hasse BFirst up is the second release by our trip-hop tranceadelic IDM megawalrus, Hasse B, titled An Adventure In My Life With A Fish. Our dear friend returns with an eclectic mix of dancebient and click-hop: heaping mountains of head-tappin’ knee-bouncin’ tunes that are sometimes subtle, other times blatant, and always badastrious!

Second up is the debut release by our now-resident synth-classical harpist, Nikmis, titled Eine kleine nekopanmusik. We draw upon images of recliners, patch bays, smoking jackets and harpsichords as we retire to our studies to read books and look at maps. Drawing upon the power of the wigged ones, you may liken Nikmis to a slightly drugged Wendy Carlos.

We present this music to you here completely free, in its entirety, as full-length high quality mp3s. Please, enjoy them to your heart’s maximum enjoyance. We love you. We do it for you.

Ode To Strings – new tunes by SAO

wpid-soa.jpgHoly shmokes! We’ve got another one for you! You might say we’re on a roll. Like jelly or butter.

Announcing a brand new artist to the, Second Act Overture, bringing his release entitled Ode to Strings. SAO smelts orchestral with trip hop to create a flaming sword of rad. Listen casually or with great gusto, but listen. You heard me! Quit reading this and go listen! Presented to you freely as high quality, full length mp3s. We maintain!

Love always, your dear friends at