Entrevista sp00

spoo-moufs.gifWe did the following interview with a Venezuelan reporter, and it was to be translated into Spanish. We never heard back, and I’m not sure if it was ever published in any language (other than Klingon, in which all of our published writings are archived). If anyone sees this interview floating around on the net, please send a link! -ramen

Part 1 (spoomusic.com, the label)

*Hi guys, what is spoomusic.com (genres that you work with) / since when exist / where are you/ which acts you represent

Ariel Gross: Spoomusic.com is an indie record label that caters music of various electronic flavors. I think the general term for the style on our label would be IDM, but other buzzwords that apply are Ambient, Synthpop, Minimal, Techno, and Space Funk. One aspect of spoomusic.com that I think is greatly appreciated is that we have built a foundation of free music. You can go to the web site and there are 26 albums that are available to listen to completely free. You can even download the majority of them in their entirety as high-quality MP3s. (more…)

An Interview with Insik Sate

insik-sate-pic-1.jpgWe don’t know how we got there, nor can we prove that we were there at all, but this interview was conducted in a UFO. There were aliens around, but they were preoccupied, drinking martinis and smoking cigars. You know the type. Big ovan black eyes, small gray bodies, fedoras and tommy guns. We were sitting in a booth in the corner when one of these aliens approached us and pulled a zipper down from the top of his head. It was Insik Sate in disguise! (more…)

An Interview with Abstractology

abstractology-pic-1.jpgIt was within the darkest regions of outer space that we discovered a planet not too unlike our own, except that it was covered entirely by one giant city. It is here that we found a small craft just above the stratosphere, and within it, the ambient duo known as Abstractology. Independently, they are Andrew Pinaire and Matthew Blakely. Permission to dock was granted and the interview began. (more…)

An Interview with ANgR MgMT

angr-mgmt-pic-1.jpgWe were casually plummeting towards Earth from the stratosphere in a high-altitude skydive when we spotted a little dot falling at the same speed. We swooped over to it and found that it was our very own ANgR MgMT. Why not do the interview during the free-fall?

Spoomusic.com: So very odd to see you here, plummeting towards Earth like this. Anyway, ever gone by anything else? (more…)

An Interview with Sir Katiie


We caught up with Sir Katiie at the Secret Society for Feline Telepathy. You know how McDonald’s used to have those big play areas filled with plastic balls that you could jump into and ‘swim’ around in? Well, this place had one of those, but it was filled with kittens. We were swimming in a sea of Siamese when quite suddenly we were face-to-face with our dear friend, Sir Katiie. (more…)

An Interview with Neti Neti

neti-neti-pic-1.jpgWe met up with Arizona-based creative genius, Neti Neti. It was on the top of an abandoned skyscraper in the future.

Spoomusic.com: Hi Mr. Neti Neti. We are so pleased to be able to interview you, sir. So let’s get right down to it. Do you have any other monikers?

Neti Neti: Reverberation Sound System, Mark Yuri, Black Sugar, Lemon Crush, djFilth, Neti Neti. (more…)

An Interview with Drex Rekker

drex-rekker-pic-1.jpgFirst we had to go down into the subterranian Phoenix sewage system. Then we had to fight off countless pre-teen deformed karate tortoises and an army of rabid mooserats. Finally, we had arrived at the lost Phoenix underground hospital for the clinically insane. Head surgeon, Drex Rekker, was waiting for us just beyond the entrance hatch.


An Interview with DJ Tek

dj-tek-pic-1.jpgWe were repelling down the side of Death’s Cliff when we encountered a cave that was thumping with the phattest bass we had ever heard. We decided to check it out and swung ourselves into its yawning mouth. We began cranking our eco-flashlights and found a modest looking fold-out table with three desktop computers on them. Behind said table was DJ Tek, and behind him was a wall of subwoofers.

Spoomusic.com: What other aliases have you gone by?

DJ Tek: tek, djtek, dr. spongebasket, and zorthax, destroyer of artichokes (more…)