sp00 vs DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild

sp00 vs DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild

Recorded at a private performance at an underground mathematics guild. Fifteen
minutes of dark beats shared between the illustrious space cadets known as
sp00 and the mysterious funky prophet of minimalism known as DJ Kluge. Mixes
on this release page be is are 100% live composing and beat matching, no
pre-made songs, no saved songs, just music created on the fly, never to be
played again, made public for the first time by your friends at spoomusic.com
(with permission from the unnamed mathematics guild). (more…)

New Release – A Hasse B Audio Input Device

Well hello, dear friends of spoomusic.com — have we told you lately that we love you? We’re going to do so today in the form of two phenomenal releases! First up, a brand new artist to spoomusic.com, ladies and gentlemen Hasse B! /cheer

We know that you have all been desperately craving some slammin’ clipt-hop beats and our hero Hasse B has come to the rescue with A Hasse B Audio Input Device. These tunes project images of skyscrapers in the city and under-the-club basement parties, and you may very well find Hasse B within either of these locations. Listen to it immediately!

But wait! There’s more! We’ll give you the new Hasse B album, the knife set, the poisonour brown recluse spider larvae, and, for a limited time only, brand new live electrozonic mayhem brought to you by sp00 and DJ Kluge! Yes, it’s true, we have added a second live set to the Minimal Math Guild recordings by the name of Substring Theory. Act now and you can have all of this — absolutely free, no strings attached!

lots of love – your friendly friends at spoomusic.com

Two New Releases – wjoo. joo.+ and sp00 vs. DJ Kluge

Holy shmokes! It’s the brand spankin’ new wjoo.joo.+ album, Full Moon Yawn! Five toasty tracks tickling you with glitch glissandos and mysterious melodies that slip in and slide around inside your ears. Our dear wjoo. joo.+ sprinkles specks of speech and oddness into the ripples of reverb and randomness that flow underneath the barrage of neck-breakin’ nanobeats. Don your favorite pair of headphones and immerse yourself. Do so now and you will be greatly rewarded!

Part two of our mid-month mayhem is sp00 vs. DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild. This is a fifteen minute live set recorded at an underground mathematics guild meeting. Listen to sp00 square the circle while DJ Kluge doubles the cube. End reading, commence listening.

sincerely, your loved ones at spoomusic.com.