Two New Releases by Sir Katiie and McMindreader

wpid-katiie-hat.jpgGuess who’s back? Our own maiden of mystery comes at you with another rockin’ release: Sir Katiie – X. Everyone wants more Katiie cuts, and we’re happy to deliver them to you every single time! This time Katiie is back with with three tracks, each with their own distinct flavor. From the experimental ambiance of IX, to the classic synth headbanginz of X, to the swooning nostalgia of XI. This is Sir Katiie’s third release with us, making her an incredibly rad human being. Way to go, Katiie! You rock! We love you!

wpid-mcmind-01.jpgPart two of our exciting saga of springtime serendipity is a brand new artist to the repertoire. We are pleased to present to you Wrinkles by McMindreader. This is McMindreader’s second disc and first release with We’re happy to welcome him into the fold! Get it? Fold? Wrinkles? No? Ok.

Two brand new releases for yo’ nogginz and what are you doing? You’re sitting here reading this! Go! Listen now! Listen until your head explodes!

<3 Love always, your friends at <3

Sir Katiie – X


XI was recorded live at Nobhead Studios.

Various Artists – Spoon Music Volume 1

wpid-various-artists-spoon-music-volume-1-medium.jpgSpoon Music, Volume 1

Album art by Acampante.

BLEEP BLEEP BLOOP! This album represents the work of many artists and a bunch of great guests. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to present these songs to you that we have had our index fingers surgically replaced with MP3 players (bluetooth-enabled).


Spoon Music Volume 1 Released


We proudly present Spoon Music Volume 1, featuring many of your favorite artists and a bunch of great guests! Includes tracks by:

  • Abstractology
  • alex black
  • ANgR. MgMT.
  • captainmarmalade
  • Consumer
  • Lime
  • Machine Spleak
  • Sir Katiie
  • Sleem
  • sudonim
  • Terminal 11
  • transient
  • wjoojoo

Thanks to all the artists who contributed to make this such a great compilation!

Sir Katiie – Wonderland


Additional production on Land by Stephen Lambert.

Two Flippin Rad Discs Out Today – new goodness

It has been a while since we came at you with some new free tunes for your devices. So, since we feel stricken with guilt, we’re shooting two new discs out of the music cannon and right onto your lap! Careful, it’s still hot, and we don’t want you to burn your tickly bits.

First up is the second release by our renowned princess of elegant chip’t synthestra, Sir Katiie. Wonderland is a three song EP that will have you cascading down the purple waterfalls nestled deep within the nether worlds of your mind. We can only describe it as switched-on Katiie; beautiful melodies to take you far away from whatever you’re doing and just enough rockin’ to bring you back.

Second up is a brand spankin’ new artist! We are proud to present Eigenfunctions of the Soul Operator by Machine Spleak. This disc covers a lot of ground, so it has been determined that we can only call it scraped-ambient-one-step-calamitycore. That, or intelligent-nervedrum-dripbeat-chaosrock. We’re very serious about classifying music, and this disc was almost unclassifiable. You must hear it to fully understand.

These two discs are yours for free to download as full-length, high quality mp3s. Please enjoy them irresponsibly, possibly while driving your tank through Ohio. Or maybe you will be flying your spacecraft through an asteroid belt… We don’t really know. The most important thing is the irresponsibility, isn’t it? Are you still reading this? Go listen already!

An Interview with Sir Katiie


We caught up with Sir Katiie at the Secret Society for Feline Telepathy. You know how McDonald’s used to have those big play areas filled with plastic balls that you could jump into and ‘swim’ around in? Well, this place had one of those, but it was filled with kittens. We were swimming in a sea of Siamese when quite suddenly we were face-to-face with our dear friend, Sir Katiie. (more…)

Sir Katiie – Wicked Child

wpid-sir-katiie-wicked-child-medium.jpgIn Sir Katiie’s debut release, Wicked Child, the listener is in for a truly eclectic treat. It is too rare that Simon Belmont and TOOL find themselves mentioned in the same sentence, but thanks to this disc, we are able to make it happen. But rockin’ Castlevania remixes aren’t all you get with Wicked Child. You also get sophisticated avant-garde synth ballads the way that only Sir Katiie can make them — classical music for the video game era. We are thankful that we may present it to you here, completely free.

Click here to view Sir Katiie’s MySpace profile.

Sir Katiie – Wicked Child – you must listen

Here it is. The debut Sir Katiie album, Wicked Child.

It has been a long time in the making and it is now turned over to you. It is your duty to crank these tunes and shake that booty where applicable. Is this the first disc in which Castlevania and TOOL appear together? It is for us…

Now go, quickly, listen to the music.

<3 always,