captainmarmalade – molly_eskonitron 2005-2006



Molly_eskonitron is a name that I gave to the type of work I was doing in that range of a year and a half. The older stuff (2002-2004) all had the name of vale_eskonitron. It’s a hard thing to try to describe certain period of life where you have a range of ideas and expressions that reflect those ideas, so I just give these periods names when the word sounds like it fits the ideas. These songs have a similar kind of idea as the vale_eskonitron period, but their differences are more audible to me than their similarities. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t bother. This is collection of songs I usually play live but have never actually released (aside from that one live cd… but that doesn’t count). Most of them are Nintendo-oriented and such. Here’s a bit about how they came about… (more…)

sp00 – Short Minutes

sp00 - Short Minutes

When I (ramen) worked at Borders at Fiesta Mall in Mesa, Arizona (Hi, Kai! Hi, Nick!), someone would always get on the PA around closing time and announce, “Borders Books and Music will be closing in 10 short minutes…”. I found this to be completely absurd, and would often complain, “no wonder it takes me so long to do all these dishes–they only give me short minutes…”.

12This album is about not having time to finish. Most of the tracks are under a minute long. Some are longer. Others are finished. For the most part, this is what you get when life hands you the short minutes. The track list might grow if we can find the time to not finish more tracks, so watch this space! (What does that even mean? Watch space? WTF?)

I’d like to take this time to

ANgR MgMT – Apocalypse E.L.E.


If the world were to end today, this album would be its theme for doing so. Complete with beams of judgment, this album depicts the world ending the way it should be done: beautifully, and finally. Each original track was created from the ashes of a major crisis or other world-shattering event, and both remixes are completely annihilated versions of the originals. Enjoy, and remember to watch the show from a safe location: the edge of the solar system.

Nikmis – Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo


‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo, Which Had Undergone Musk Gland Enhancement Surgery, at The Expense of €599, in Order To Achieve Success With Members of the Opposite Sex. His name were Edward, and In Life He Had Been a Trained Ventriloquist, Although He Had Never Been to The Ocean’,

or ‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo’ for short, is Nikmis’ second full-length release on spoomusic, or anywhere for that matter! Artwork by Randy Green!


Entrevista sp00

spoo-moufs.gifWe did the following interview with a Venezuelan reporter, and it was to be translated into Spanish. We never heard back, and I’m not sure if it was ever published in any language (other than Klingon, in which all of our published writings are archived). If anyone sees this interview floating around on the net, please send a link! -ramen

Part 1 (, the label)

*Hi guys, what is (genres that you work with) / since when exist / where are you/ which acts you represent

Ariel Gross: is an indie record label that caters music of various electronic flavors. I think the general term for the style on our label would be IDM, but other buzzwords that apply are Ambient, Synthpop, Minimal, Techno, and Space Funk. One aspect of that I think is greatly appreciated is that we have built a foundation of free music. You can go to the web site and there are 26 albums that are available to listen to completely free. You can even download the majority of them in their entirety as high-quality MP3s. (more…)

WE BACK BEBY WE BACK — two new releases!

Holy cripes! Here comes with two rad new releases, just when you need them most! Today marks the release of a brand new artist and as a second disc by an artist you already know and love. Please, if you have one of those little circular knobs for a light switch, dim the lights and wax your speakers as you prepare for a sonic journey through the very fabric of time.

Hasse BFirst up is the second release by our trip-hop tranceadelic IDM megawalrus, Hasse B, titled An Adventure In My Life With A Fish. Our dear friend returns with an eclectic mix of dancebient and click-hop: heaping mountains of head-tappin’ knee-bouncin’ tunes that are sometimes subtle, other times blatant, and always badastrious!

Second up is the debut release by our now-resident synth-classical harpist, Nikmis, titled Eine kleine nekopanmusik. We draw upon images of recliners, patch bays, smoking jackets and harpsichords as we retire to our studies to read books and look at maps. Drawing upon the power of the wigged ones, you may liken Nikmis to a slightly drugged Wendy Carlos.

We present this music to you here completely free, in its entirety, as full-length high quality mp3s. Please, enjoy them to your heart’s maximum enjoyance. We love you. We do it for you.

Nikmis – Eine kleine nekopanmusik

wpid-nikmis-eine-kleine-nekopanmusik-medium.jpgIt’s hard to say exactly what goes through the mind of a genius when he sits down to create a masterpiece. Unfortunately Einstein is not around to describe how he felt when theorizing about E=MC2, and DA Vinci will never tell us how it felt to paint The Mona Lisa, but luckily for us we have Nikmis, who has repeatedly sat down to write not one, but dozens of such masterpieces, each one a complex and powerful artistic work in its own right, but at the same time an intensely personal and heart-felt engagement of the senses. If you were to ask him how creating such beautiful works of the highest of art forms feels, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you, since of course, as bees alighting in their pursuit of nectar and ants marching forth to protect the colony, he is only doing what comes most naturally to such an awe-inspiring menage-a-trois of creative genius.

Hasse B – An Adventure In My Life With A Fish


Main Entry:
\ˈwl-rəs, ˈwäl-\
Inflected Form(s):
plural walrus or wal·rus·es
Dutch, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish & Norwegian hvalros walrus, Old Norse rosmhvalr

: a large gregarious marine mammal (Odobenus rosmarus of the family Odobenidae) of arctic waters that is related to the seals and has long ivory tusks, a tough wrinkled hide, and stiff whiskers and that feeds mainly on bivalve mollusks

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Ode To Strings – new tunes by SAO

wpid-soa.jpgHoly shmokes! We’ve got another one for you! You might say we’re on a roll. Like jelly or butter.

Announcing a brand new artist to the, Second Act Overture, bringing his release entitled Ode to Strings. SAO smelts orchestral with trip hop to create a flaming sword of rad. Listen casually or with great gusto, but listen. You heard me! Quit reading this and go listen! Presented to you freely as high quality, full length mp3s. We maintain!

Love always, your dear friends at

Second Act Overture – Ode To Strings

wpid-second-act-overture-ode-to-strings-medium.jpgSecond Act Overture, having worked with music for several years, now has his first official release. The “Ode To Strings” EP is a combination of classical elements and modern electronica that’s chill and relaxed. From the strings of “Ficelles (Avec Finale)” and “Entr’acte” to the distorted sounds of “Sonnet To _____” to the samples of classic fairytales in “Soundtrack To A Fairytale Romance” this release is sure to please and fulfill. Download, enjoy, and connect with Second Act Overture to keep in touch about new releases and new merch.

Full album artwork is available in the .zip file! Click “Download album” to grab it.

Click here to view Second Act Overture’s MySpace profile.
Click here to visit Second Act Overture on purevolume.