Two New Releases by Sir Katiie and McMindreader

wpid-katiie-hat.jpgGuess who’s back? Our own maiden of mystery comes at you with another rockin’ release: Sir Katiie – X. Everyone wants more Katiie cuts, and we’re happy to deliver them to you every single time! This time Katiie is back with with three tracks, each with their own distinct flavor. From the experimental ambiance of IX, to the classic synth headbanginz of X, to the swooning nostalgia of XI. This is Sir Katiie’s third release with us, making her an incredibly rad human being. Way to go, Katiie! You rock! We love you!

wpid-mcmind-01.jpgPart two of our exciting saga of springtime serendipity is a brand new artist to the repertoire. We are pleased to present to you Wrinkles by McMindreader. This is McMindreader’s second disc and first release with We’re happy to welcome him into the fold! Get it? Fold? Wrinkles? No? Ok.

Two brand new releases for yo’ nogginz and what are you doing? You’re sitting here reading this! Go! Listen now! Listen until your head explodes!

<3 Love always, your friends at <3

McMindreader – Wrinkles

wpid-mcmindreader-wrinkles-medium.jpg“Wrinkles” is a concept album that flows like mystic nectar from the auto-juicer of the infinite soul. It’s profound notes and intelligent drums eat pork-pie-monkey-farts in the movie-ephemera universality of genius. A farcical medley of song, dance, monkey, and the lost art of microphone mic-ing. Pumpkin Pie was quoted as saying, “Wrinkles, eh? I approve, whole-heartedly. Bring me the insulation!” (more…)