WE BACK BEBY WE BACK — two new releases!

Holy cripes! Here comes spoomusic.com with two rad new releases, just when you need them most! Today marks the release of a brand new artist and as a second disc by an artist you already know and love. Please, if you have one of those little circular knobs for a light switch, dim the lights and wax your speakers as you prepare for a sonic journey through the very fabric of time.

Hasse BFirst up is the second release by our trip-hop tranceadelic IDM megawalrus, Hasse B, titled An Adventure In My Life With A Fish. Our dear friend returns with an eclectic mix of dancebient and click-hop: heaping mountains of head-tappin’ knee-bouncin’ tunes that are sometimes subtle, other times blatant, and always badastrious!

Second up is the debut release by our now-resident synth-classical harpist, Nikmis, titled Eine kleine nekopanmusik. We draw upon images of recliners, patch bays, smoking jackets and harpsichords as we retire to our studies to read books and look at maps. Drawing upon the power of the wigged ones, you may liken Nikmis to a slightly drugged Wendy Carlos.

We present this music to you here completely free, in its entirety, as full-length high quality mp3s. Please, enjoy them to your heart’s maximum enjoyance. We love you. We do it for you.

Hasse B – An Adventure In My Life With A Fish


Main Entry:
\ˈwl-rəs, ˈwäl-\
Inflected Form(s):
plural walrus or wal·rus·es
Dutch, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish & Norwegian hvalros walrus, Old Norse rosmhvalr

: a large gregarious marine mammal (Odobenus rosmarus of the family Odobenidae) of arctic waters that is related to the seals and has long ivory tusks, a tough wrinkled hide, and stiff whiskers and that feeds mainly on bivalve mollusks

Hasse B Loves U Dearly.

Hasse B – A Hasse B Audio Input Device

wpid-hasse-b-a-hasse-b-audio-input-device-medium.jpgZoiks! It’s the Hasse B album that you’ve all been waiting for! We know that so many of you have been craving the stompin’ hard hip hop IDM beats, and thus we present you with A Hasse B Audio Input Device. The debut album from the desert dwellin’ funkster delivers a lethal dose of soul, with songs dipping into sharp violin riffs and beats that will have you moving about uncontrollably. Your cravings will be satisfied, and it is presented to you here, completely free. It is a labor of love!

Click here to view Hasse B’s MySpace profile.

New Release – A Hasse B Audio Input Device

Well hello, dear friends of spoomusic.com — have we told you lately that we love you? We’re going to do so today in the form of two phenomenal releases! First up, a brand new artist to spoomusic.com, ladies and gentlemen Hasse B! /cheer

We know that you have all been desperately craving some slammin’ clipt-hop beats and our hero Hasse B has come to the rescue with A Hasse B Audio Input Device. These tunes project images of skyscrapers in the city and under-the-club basement parties, and you may very well find Hasse B within either of these locations. Listen to it immediately!

But wait! There’s more! We’ll give you the new Hasse B album, the knife set, the poisonour brown recluse spider larvae, and, for a limited time only, brand new live electrozonic mayhem brought to you by sp00 and DJ Kluge! Yes, it’s true, we have added a second live set to the Minimal Math Guild recordings by the name of Substring Theory. Act now and you can have all of this — absolutely free, no strings attached!

lots of love – your friendly friends at spoomusic.com