An Interview with DJ Tek

dj-tek-pic-1.jpgWe were repelling down the side of Death’s Cliff when we encountered a cave that was thumping with the phattest bass we had ever heard. We decided to check it out and swung ourselves into its yawning mouth. We began cranking our eco-flashlights and found a modest looking fold-out table with three desktop computers on them. Behind said table was DJ Tek, and behind him was a wall of subwoofers. What other aliases have you gone by?

DJ Tek: tek, djtek, dr. spongebasket, and zorthax, destroyer of artichokes (more…)

DJ Tek – Live at Ramenfest Eleven

wpid-dj-tek-live-at-ramenfest-eleven-medium.jpg DJ TEK.

Big-ups to the one they call DJ Tek, as he rocks this house party from ’99-infinite. Live Impulse Tracker at the Ramen House, Tempe, AZ, 1999.

The house no longer stands, but the music continues…

intergalactic spaceways and MRH

sp00 has re-released the unparalleled retro-futuristic soundcapade, Intergalactic Spaceways, for your head-crunking, pod-bumping enjoyment.

we have also located Mars Radio Hits, a distant transmission that we picked up and recorded while seeking life beyond the third planet.

also added: DJ Tek – Live at Ramenfest Eleven, a set of live Impulse Tracker beat matching — two computers, one hero. Loaded with phonk and stylez. Care to dance?

as if this weren’t enough, we also have a new golden oldie by Ramenboy, his futuristic slice of weird heaven, Splat! Yet another dose of strangely cool medicine.

all this and for… what? what was that? that’s right. for free.

also, the video for “mars needs ipodgrids” is back up in our videos section. stay tuned, we’ve got more great stuff on the way.