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Our planet.  It’s the biggest and most beautiful gift we have, yet almost all of us take it for granted.  In fact, many of us thoughtlessly cause harm to this great gift through seemingly inconsequential actions on a daily basis.  What’s worse is that this type of behavior is condoned and encouraged by our society at large.  As the average income ratio of the richest 1/5 to the poorest 1/5 on the planet soars toward 100:1 and beyond, all many of us can think about on a daily basis is what’s on tv or what we’re going to buy next.  We live as though we’re not intimately connected to nature and to this planet that we are so fortunate to live on.


ANgR MgMT – Cut Ups EP2

Remixes are good for the soul.  This is true for both the artist and the listener – each grows a bit in moving from the beginning to the end.  This album splits nearly right down the middle in terms of whether the remix was at the request of someone or chosen as a special experiment.  I hope all are as enjoyable to listen to as they were to make!

Special thanks to my sister Lizzy, as I would never have thought to remix ABBA without her, and my buddy boy James Stimac (whose name you should see more often if you’re into art) for the fantastic album cover.

Thru The Wires is Back @ The Loft in Tempe, 5/28/2008


$5 @ the door / 21+ (sorry kids)

420 South Mill Avenue / Tempe AZ 85281 (map)

PARKING: In the lot on Ash & 5th (west of the venue, same side of the street)
LOAD IN: Artists between 8:30-9:00pm
TENTATIVE LINEUP (listed in order of appearance)


ANgR MgMT – Apocalypse E.L.E.


If the world were to end today, this album would be its theme for doing so. Complete with beams of judgment, this album depicts the world ending the way it should be done: beautifully, and finally. Each original track was created from the ashes of a major crisis or other world-shattering event, and both remixes are completely annihilated versions of the originals. Enjoy, and remember to watch the show from a safe location: the edge of the solar system.

ANgR MgMT – Better Now

wpid-angr-mgmt-better-now-medium.jpgThis disc packs more punch than Hi-C and more slice than Ginsu! ANgR. MgMT. returns to with a full blown assault of glitch shrapnel and slammin’ techno beats that will have you doing the robot before you even get your neural implants installed. Ten glorious tracks of head-crumpling beats and complicated, stark melodies.

Various Artists – Spoon Music Volume 1

wpid-various-artists-spoon-music-volume-1-medium.jpgSpoon Music, Volume 1

Album art by Acampante.

BLEEP BLEEP BLOOP! This album represents the work of many artists and a bunch of great guests. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to present these songs to you that we have had our index fingers surgically replaced with MP3 players (bluetooth-enabled).


Brand new goodness for 2007

wpid-angr-eve.jpgYou’re not going to believe this…but you must! Your lovely friends at are kicking off 2007 right by giving you two new amazing discs! First up, the second disc by our techno glitch hero, ANgR. MgMT., titled Better Now! And you better believe that it is ten solid tracks of IDM-granulated heel-stompin’ madness from the man who knows exactly how to make you jump out of your seat and smash around! We are thankful to welcome ANgR back after much longing with this phenomenal disc, presented to you here freely with the utmost joy.

wpid-iceberg.jpgSecond up in our day o’ fun is Bristol – The North. Just what you need to cool off after a heavy dose of ANgR, our brand new artist pokes holes into the veil of other realities with a tasty mixture of undulating ambiance and trip-hop drum tracks. Our mysterious new artist gives us a glimpse of the chilly north as winter slowly draws to a close, which is why we suggest enjoying this album with a steamin’ hot cup of liquidy bliss.

In other news, has officially pervaded several corners of Internet space, including iTunes, eMusic, and Napster. Options are now available for our future artists to have their music digitally distributed by these companies and more. If you are interested, please send an e-mail using our contact form to staff.

Now, go listen to our awesome new discs! Spread the good music! Love always, your best friends at

Spoon Music Volume 1 Released


We proudly present Spoon Music Volume 1, featuring many of your favorite artists and a bunch of great guests! Includes tracks by:

  • Abstractology
  • alex black
  • ANgR. MgMT.
  • captainmarmalade
  • Consumer
  • Lime
  • Machine Spleak
  • Sir Katiie
  • Sleem
  • sudonim
  • Terminal 11
  • transient
  • wjoojoo

Thanks to all the artists who contributed to make this such a great compilation!

An Interview with ANgR MgMT

angr-mgmt-pic-1.jpgWe were casually plummeting towards Earth from the stratosphere in a high-altitude skydive when we spotted a little dot falling at the same speed. We swooped over to it and found that it was our very own ANgR MgMT. Why not do the interview during the free-fall? So very odd to see you here, plummeting towards Earth like this. Anyway, ever gone by anything else? (more…)

ANgR MgMT – Cut Ups EP


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