Various Artists – Spoon Music Volume 1

wpid-various-artists-spoon-music-volume-1-medium.jpgSpoon Music, Volume 1

Album art by Acampante.

BLEEP BLEEP BLOOP! This album represents the work of many artists and a bunch of great guests. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to present these songs to you that we have had our index fingers surgically replaced with MP3 players (bluetooth-enabled).


Spoon Music Volume 1 Released


We proudly present Spoon Music Volume 1, featuring many of your favorite artists and a bunch of great guests! Includes tracks by:

  • Abstractology
  • alex black
  • ANgR. MgMT.
  • captainmarmalade
  • Consumer
  • Lime
  • Machine Spleak
  • Sir Katiie
  • Sleem
  • sudonim
  • Terminal 11
  • transient
  • wjoojoo

Thanks to all the artists who contributed to make this such a great compilation!

An Interview with Abstractology

abstractology-pic-1.jpgIt was within the darkest regions of outer space that we discovered a planet not too unlike our own, except that it was covered entirely by one giant city. It is here that we found a small craft just above the stratosphere, and within it, the ambient duo known as Abstractology. Independently, they are Andrew Pinaire and Matthew Blakely. Permission to dock was granted and the interview began. (more…)

Abstractology – Mammals and Computers


Mammals and Computers is one of those discs that stimulates one’s thoughts, sending them soaring over snow capped mountains and through underground hallways lined with control panels. It is heard as a fusion of lovely organic streams and chittering animals with chrome cityscapes and robotic insects. The dark ambience feels ominous at times, daring one to imagine combinations of flesh and circuitry, and yet there is a human touch to it all.


New Release – Abstractology – Mammals and Computers is proud to present Mammals and Computers by Abstractology.

t’s like walking down an endless hallway in a dream, haunting soundscapes colliding with esoteric melodies… we are absolutely pleased to bring you this brilliant work of ambience.

the entire album is available for free. go, download! download until your heart is content!

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