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molly_eskonitron 2005-2006
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Hasse B
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Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo
The Fantastical Nikmis vs. the Evil Dr. Crobe
Sequotequal EP
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Sir Katiie
Sir Katiie
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Auto Von Bismarck – Bludkind

Auto Von Bismarck - Bludkind Cover Art

The debut EP from Auto Von Bismarck, also known as sleem of sp00. This disc started as an experiment to learn new techniques, but Bismarck decided that someone out there may enjoy the results. The album consists primarily of a funky, odd blend of electro house with a taste of dubstep in the final track, Fangs.

Vocal snippets in the song Bludkind are courtesy of coppe’ :


Ralp – Hydrioider

Ralp - Hydrioider - Cover

All of the tracks of these release are made only with one Game Boy DMG and the Nanoloop 1.3 program. Hydrioider album is a session of almost one hour of music performed and recorded in live, with some improvised parts. It was recorded directly into computer with a Pro Sound modification in the Game Boy but without any extra effects, editions or postproduction stages. 100 % DMG and Nanoloop. Hydrioider was created during 2009. The cover is made with Photoshop by Ralp. (more…)

sp00 – Bombdiggety

After a lengthy hiatus, we proudly present the first full-length sp00 album since 2006! This time around, we explore a variety of musical terrains such as maxi-minimalist tech-funk, synth-frommage, rock star guitar heroism, hard ambient++, and auto-toonkore. And yet, despite our foray into new worlds and paradigms, it is still unmistakably, indescribably, extra-terrestrially a sp00 album. We hope you will agree it is the Bombdiggety.


All songs composed and produced by Ariel Gross and Dave Benjamin. Sampling, sequencing, and keyboard by Ariel Gross and Dave Benjamin. Guest keyboard and production on Dry Bones by Taylor Pakula. Drums, guitar, and bass guitar by Dave Benjamin. Drums on Pointy Fingers, Stellar Converter, and Also the Game recorded and mixed by Ariel Gross with help from Matt Helman and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Gilbert, Arizona. Mastered DIY over the internet. (more…)

Ralp – Sequotequal EP

Ralp - Sequotequal EP - Front Cover

Ralp’s Biography:

Raül Peix (Ralp). Multifaceted artist member of Device, Distortled Box and Tricoma, independent collectives dedicated to audiovisual creations. (more…)

ANgR MgMT – In a World


Our planet.  It’s the biggest and most beautiful gift we have, yet almost all of us take it for granted.  In fact, many of us thoughtlessly cause harm to this great gift through seemingly inconsequential actions on a daily basis.  What’s worse is that this type of behavior is condoned and encouraged by our society at large.  As the average income ratio of the richest 1/5 to the poorest 1/5 on the planet soars toward 100:1 and beyond, all many of us can think about on a daily basis is what’s on tv or what we’re going to buy next.  We live as though we’re not intimately connected to nature and to this planet that we are so fortunate to live on.


Nikmis – The Fantastical Nikmis vs. the Evil Dr. Crobe

The Fantastical Nikmis

Album art by Joseph Ratigan.

The Fantastical Nikmis vs the Evil Dr. Crobe

Chapter ONE
One day the Fantastical Nikmis was winning a battle against Dr. Crobes minions. He kept killing them till they were dead by shooting them with his magic powers from his hands. Suddenly he flew real fast and then exploded ON TOP OF THEM! “AAAAHH” Stop killing us please they cried But then it was already done and they died. Or did they? They didn’t really die yet because Dr. Crobe their boss made them really smart with his ultra science powers he learned at evil school. BUt it was ok cause then Nikmis said “by the power of happiness YOU SHOULD DIE” and they did badly. Nikmis one the battle but he did not win the war yet although he wins the war in the end. The war isnt over until later. Or is it? (more…)

ANgR MgMT – Cut Ups EP2

Remixes are good for the soul.  This is true for both the artist and the listener – each grows a bit in moving from the beginning to the end.  This album splits nearly right down the middle in terms of whether the remix was at the request of someone or chosen as a special experiment.  I hope all are as enjoyable to listen to as they were to make!

Special thanks to my sister Lizzy, as I would never have thought to remix ABBA without her, and my buddy boy James Stimac (whose name you should see more often if you’re into art) for the fantastic album cover.

captainmarmalade – molly_eskonitron 2005-2006



Molly_eskonitron is a name that I gave to the type of work I was doing in that range of a year and a half. The older stuff (2002-2004) all had the name of vale_eskonitron. It’s a hard thing to try to describe certain period of life where you have a range of ideas and expressions that reflect those ideas, so I just give these periods names when the word sounds like it fits the ideas. These songs have a similar kind of idea as the vale_eskonitron period, but their differences are more audible to me than their similarities. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t bother. This is collection of songs I usually play live but have never actually released (aside from that one live cd… but that doesn’t count). Most of them are Nintendo-oriented and such. Here’s a bit about how they came about… (more…)

sp00 – Short Minutes

sp00 - Short Minutes

When I (ramen) worked at Borders at Fiesta Mall in Mesa, Arizona (Hi, Kai! Hi, Nick!), someone would always get on the PA around closing time and announce, “Borders Books and Music will be closing in 10 short minutes…”. I found this to be completely absurd, and would often complain, “no wonder it takes me so long to do all these dishes–they only give me short minutes…”.

12This album is about not having time to finish. Most of the tracks are under a minute long. Some are longer. Others are finished. For the most part, this is what you get when life hands you the short minutes. The track list might grow if we can find the time to not finish more tracks, so watch this space! (What does that even mean? Watch space? WTF?)

I’d like to take this time to

ANgR MgMT – Apocalypse E.L.E.


If the world were to end today, this album would be its theme for doing so. Complete with beams of judgment, this album depicts the world ending the way it should be done: beautifully, and finally. Each original track was created from the ashes of a major crisis or other world-shattering event, and both remixes are completely annihilated versions of the originals. Enjoy, and remember to watch the show from a safe location: the edge of the solar system.