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Auto Von Bismarck

Play track Download track  1. Auto Von Bismarck · Bludkind (feat Coppe)
Play track Download track  2. Auto Von Bismarck · dONQUI
Play track Download track  3. Auto Von Bismarck · U Been Shelled
Play track Download track  4. Auto Von Bismarck · Over Time
Play track Download track  5. Auto Von Bismarck · Fangs

Auto Von Bismarck – Bludkind

Auto Von Bismarck - Bludkind Cover Art

The debut EP from Auto Von Bismarck, also known as sleem of sp00. This disc started as an experiment to learn new techniques, but Bismarck decided that someone out there may enjoy the results. The album consists primarily of a funky, odd blend of electro house with a taste of dubstep in the final track, Fangs.

Vocal snippets in the song Bludkind are courtesy of coppe’ :

Some stats about this experiment:

Arpeggiators used: 3
Flangers used: 1
Compressors used: 14
Delays used: 11
Distortions used: 40
Drum samples used: 39
Equalizers used: 7
Loose samples used: 32
Maximizers used: 6
Mixers used: 23
Reverbs used: 12
Stereo imagers used: 6
Synthesizers used: 48

Sequencers used: Reason 5, Ableton Live

All synthesizer patches created by Auto Von Bismarck in Reason 5. Approximately 80% were designed from scratch and approximately 20% were derived from existing patches.

6 Responses to “Auto Von Bismarck – Bludkind”

  1. YES.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dave Benjamin, Josh Gomez. Josh Gomez said: RT @ramenlabs: New electro-house EP by sleem[sp00]'s alter-ego, with guest vocals by Coppe! … […]

  3. Got my dark matter dancing boots on for this one

  4. Also, this site works great on my mobile. Droid Incredible. Audio streams perfectly, downloads A+, great layout! Thx!

  5. Sleem,

    This is a nice alternate direction your going in…I like it. I had to listen to tracks 4 and 5 again because they pleased me so.

    Keep going! love you – Jenn

  6. Man. Can’t stop listening to this. Really excellent work.

    You on SoundCloud, or anywhere else? How do you I give you money.

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