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Sequotequal EP

Play track Download track  1. Ralp · Quephra
Play track Download track  2. Ralp · Neolacre
Play track Download track  3. Ralp · Amlevia Krotoxgram
Play track Download track  4. Ralp · Ghioedra Truxil
Play track Download track  5. Ralp · Indre Chlorid
Play track Download track  6. Ralp · Purprae

Ralp – Sequotequal EP

Ralp - Sequotequal EP - Front Cover

Ralp’s Biography:

Raül Peix (Ralp). Multifaceted artist member of Device, Distortled Box and Tricoma, independent collectives dedicated to audiovisual creations. Under the same name, Ralp takes different paths in electronic music, digital music with an IDMcore aesthetic made with computer, circuit bending and 8 Bit productions with Nintendo Game Boy. During his trajectory he has played in several events and festivals around Europe and in lots of improvised “mini-raves” in the street. So far he has published sonorous material in some netlabels like Brainstormlab (London), Crazy-Language (Berlin), DexandtheCity (Letonia), 49Manekinów (Polonia), Noise-Joy (USA) and Spoomusic (USA).


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  1. Sorry to be completely, TOTALLY offtopic, but is the artist formerly known as Funkymuskrat one of the people involved with this netlabel/website? If so, how can I get in touch with him?

  2. Nintendo beats blown out by a million. I love it.

  3. Very fun!! 😀

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