Two New Releases – wjoo. joo.+ and sp00 vs. DJ Kluge

Holy shmokes! It’s the brand spankin’ new wjoo.joo.+ album, Full Moon Yawn! Five toasty tracks tickling you with glitch glissandos and mysterious melodies that slip in and slide around inside your ears. Our dear wjoo. joo.+ sprinkles specks of speech and oddness into the ripples of reverb and randomness that flow underneath the barrage of neck-breakin’ nanobeats. Don your favorite pair of headphones and immerse yourself. Do so now and you will be greatly rewarded!

Part two of our mid-month mayhem is sp00 vs. DJ Kluge – Minimal Math Guild. This is a fifteen minute live set recorded at an underground mathematics guild meeting. Listen to sp00 square the circle while DJ Kluge doubles the cube. End reading, commence listening.

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