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The Fantastical Nikmis vs. the Evil Dr. Crobe

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Nikmis – The Fantastical Nikmis vs. the Evil Dr. Crobe

The Fantastical Nikmis

Album art by Joseph Ratigan.

The Fantastical Nikmis vs the Evil Dr. Crobe

Chapter ONE
One day the Fantastical Nikmis was winning a battle against Dr. Crobes minions. He kept killing them till they were dead by shooting them with his magic powers from his hands. Suddenly he flew real fast and then exploded ON TOP OF THEM! “AAAAHH” Stop killing us please they cried But then it was already done and they died. Or did they? They didn’t really die yet because Dr. Crobe their boss made them really smart with his ultra science powers he learned at evil school. BUt it was ok cause then Nikmis said “by the power of happiness YOU SHOULD DIE” and they did badly. Nikmis one the battle but he did not win the war yet although he wins the war in the end. The war isnt over until later. Or is it?

Chapter TWO
This is the story of the Fantastical Nikmis. One day he was drinking tea but then suddenly he broke the teapot. “NO!” he cried but then it was too late
Outside the wind blew air onto the face of him but it did not care alot. The world needed saving because the evil Dr. Crobe would destroy it if it wasnt saved! Nikmis was sad and had to kill several bad guys with a gun or sword to kill them. He aproched Dr. Crobes base inside a abandoned warehouse on a dusty road of despair. but then suddenly more bad guys got killed. “HIYAHH” “DIE” he killed them
“It’s too late,” Dr. Crobe smiled. It was an evil smile that he held the gun with.
“No it’s not too late YOU INSANE MANIC” and he ran to him. And he used his secret magical powar to kill him. The wrold was saved from the evi Dr. Crobel.
“Hooray I saved the wolrd!” he shouted. he shouted “THE WORLD IS SAFE” But was it? For how long was the world really truely save?

Nikmis flies to his friends house

But he couldn’t fly to good because Dr. Crobe had cursed him with his words. So instead he went to the video game store and played some. Then suddenly there was Dr. Crobe. “I’m going to do science” he said with an evil smile of content. “No you wont never” “Oh yes, I will!” and then there was a battle they had. Maybe you think Dr. Crobe was dead cause he was dead in the last chapter, but he did science to come back to life. Evil Science.

“OOOH!!” shouted Nikmis. As he ran as fast as he could like a ninja. But he was too fast for Dr. Crobe got out from the way and said “OH!” Then suddenly Dr. Crobe ninjad Nikmis in the back and said “A HA NOW I SHALL TIE YOU UP” in a British accent because Dr. Crobe was from there. So then he tied him up and took him back to his evil layer. It was then that Nikmis felt real sick cause he got injured in the back too hard. “Oh you despicable friend Docter Crobe!” said Nikmis as he used his powers to kill everyone and save the world. But for how long?


10 Responses to “Nikmis – The Fantastical Nikmis vs. the Evil Dr. Crobe”

  1. It sounds just like Wendy Carlos.

  2. Really enjoyed this album, listened to it through twice today. Nikmis makes music of the most excellent variety, and I would certainly recommend it for a multitude of occasions.

  3. I don’t know what this is or what it has to do with spare car parts. Why can’t I do anything right?

  4. Joyous as always Nikmis!!! Your stuff is so fun to listen to!

  5. as always, i love it! great job <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. bravo!

  7. Hello, friend

  8. Excellent as usual!

  9. I listened

  10. I approve.

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