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Cut Ups EP2

Play track Download track  1. ANgR MgMT · Exponential Mileage
Play track Download track  2. ANgR MgMT · Fly (rmx)
Play track Download track  3. ANgR MgMT · Polypartate Palindrome Solution
Play track Download track  4. ANgR MgMT · Vivrizzle
Play track Download track  5. ANgR MgMT · Stitch Yini (ninja'd)
Play track Download track  6. ANgR MgMT · Home Stay (rmx) [Live Edit 2k5]
Play track Download track  7. ANgR MgMT · BC rmx (HaXXor FX)

ANgR MgMT – Cut Ups EP2

Remixes are good for the soul.  This is true for both the artist and the listener – each grows a bit in moving from the beginning to the end.  This album splits nearly right down the middle in terms of whether the remix was at the request of someone or chosen as a special experiment.  I hope all are as enjoyable to listen to as they were to make!

Special thanks to my sister Lizzy, as I would never have thought to remix ABBA without her, and my buddy boy James Stimac (whose name you should see more often if you’re into art) for the fantastic album cover.

2 Responses to “ANgR MgMT – Cut Ups EP2”

  1. Nice release! The first Cut Ups has always been a favorite of mine, and I like this one even more. The first few tracks have lots of humorous surprises that make me laugh every time. By Vivrizzle I am just getting down to the funk. Way to go, man… keep up the great work.


  2. Can’t say I’ve heard any of the real spongs but track 2 and 5 are my favs.

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