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molly_eskonitron 2005-2006

Play track Download track  1. captainmarmalade · goatse intro
Play track Download track  2. captainmarmalade · the robot and unicorn festival
Play track Download track  3. captainmarmalade · 1986 peepees and weewees (girls)
Play track Download track  4. captainmarmalade · alfred chicken
Play track Download track  5. captainmarmalade · hawaii of course
Play track Download track  6. captainmarmalade · jackie (the ending song)
Play track Download track  7. captainmarmalade · the legend of jack burton

captainmarmalade – molly_eskonitron 2005-2006



Molly_eskonitron is a name that I gave to the type of work I was doing in that range of a year and a half. The older stuff (2002-2004) all had the name of vale_eskonitron. It’s a hard thing to try to describe certain period of life where you have a range of ideas and expressions that reflect those ideas, so I just give these periods names when the word sounds like it fits the ideas. These songs have a similar kind of idea as the vale_eskonitron period, but their differences are more audible to me than their similarities. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t bother. This is collection of songs I usually play live but have never actually released (aside from that one live cd… but that doesn’t count). Most of them are Nintendo-oriented and such. Here’s a bit about how they came about…

captainmarmalade_-_molly_eskonitron_2005-2006_speak_and_math_01“The Robot and Unicorn Festival” was written in october of 2005 with the help of a now deceased modified speak & math. It was originally a 56-second slower song done for a compilation that never came out. I couldn’t stop writing and adding to it, and it ended up being over 4 minutes long… halfway thanks to the obnoxious acid solo that only comes out descently when played live 😛

captainmarmalade_-_molly_eskonitron_2005-2006_nintendo_01“1986 Peepees and Weewees” is a rip off of the Beastie Boys song “Girls!”, but it happened halfway by accident. The intro and main chord progression of the song was originally 3 1/2 steps higher and had slight timing variations. When I was messing around and trying to come up with parts for new songs, I had a keyboard hooked up to my Nintendo and would just record stuff while playing. Most of these songs came out of this one recording-while-messing-around session. This loop ended up getting stuck in my head so I developed it into a full loop with drums and backing synths before trying to write it out as a full song. When half of the full song was done, I was like “aww man! this is that Beastie Boys song!!” Then I was like “Who gives a shit!” and finished it. The drums are all overprocessed NES sounds I recorded while doing the initial recording tests and stuff. The higher-up synths in the later parts of the song are from my Nintendo as well. They were sequenced for this album, but usually get played live.

captainmarmalade_-_molly_eskonitron_2005-2006_alfred_chicken_01 “Alfred Chicken” is a cover of the ending song from the Nintendo game by the same name. The original is simply one of the baddest, most ill-taco, hydrochloric neptune jams ever. period. Not THE baddest though… that’s “Tendance Part 5” by Patrick Peters. Anyway, even the Alfred Chicken ending song done for Super Nintendo was awesome because it used a voice “ahh” for the main synth. Just awesome.

captainmarmalade_-_molly_eskonitron_2005-2006_full_album_reason_file“Hawaii Of Course” came from an entire group of parts that were written for the song “Jackie (The Ending Song)”. They didn’t quite fit in anywhere, so they all got their own song. Parts of the drums come from my Casio VL-Tone, a Nintendo, and 800 other trinkets. If I remember right, the slight voice sound heard throughout the song is my voice run through a George Foreman grill.

captainmarmalade_-_molly_eskonitron_2005-2006_miscellaneous_junk_01“Jackie (The Ending Song)” sounds like… um… and ending song. Something like the ending of the Pee-Wee Herman Show. The main part came from that recording mentioned earlier, but was then sequenced and transposed. Then I learned to play it on the guitar. Then I messed around playing it, tabbed what I played, then resequenced that. It seems like a ridiculous process. It is.

captainmarmalade_-_molly_eskonitron_2005-2006_jack_burton_01“The Legend of Jack Burton” is entirely Nintendo. No modifying samples, no processing, no nothing. Just Nintendo. I think we know who it’s named for. If not, it’s a character in this movie I watched every other day between the ages of 3 and 4.

A few songs got cut out of this cd, including a cover of a Guardian Legend song. I figured one cover (and one sound-alike) were quite enough.

Have fun with this cd.

Terminator 8: Return Of My Keys,


p.s. Really, I can’t find them.

6 Responses to “captainmarmalade – molly_eskonitron 2005-2006”

  1. 1986 peepees and weewees is bangin’! i never would’ve picked up on the girls melody if you hadn’t mentioned it. i call creative liberty on that one. =] cheers!

  2. Molly Eskonitron is definantly an interesting album I especially liked “the robot and unicorn”. It’s a very creative use of nintendo sounds, it’s like they are waking my eardrums up.

  3. Marmilade this disc is freakin’ nutty! I love it.

  4. Hyperactivity has a new synonym – captainmarmalade. Whatever it is that you do that gets you this pumped up when you make tracks, DO MORE!!! These tracks are Extra Jam dude!

  5. I really like eeet! so fun and glitched out.


  6. This album is amazing thanks!

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