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Play track Download track  5. sp00 · Stellar Converter
Play track Download track  6. sp00 · Elevation
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Play track Download track  10. sp00 · Also the Game
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sp00 – Bombdiggety

After a lengthy hiatus, we proudly present the first full-length sp00 album since 2006! This time around, we explore a variety of musical terrains such as maxi-minimalist tech-funk, synth-frommage, rock star guitar heroism, hard ambient++, and auto-toonkore. And yet, despite our foray into new worlds and paradigms, it is still unmistakably, indescribably, extra-terrestrially a sp00 album. We hope you will agree it is the Bombdiggety.


All songs composed and produced by Ariel Gross and Dave Benjamin. Sampling, sequencing, and keyboard by Ariel Gross and Dave Benjamin. Guest keyboard and production on Dry Bones by Taylor Pakula. Drums, guitar, and bass guitar by Dave Benjamin. Drums on Pointy Fingers, Stellar Converter, and Also the Game recorded and mixed by Ariel Gross with help from Matt Helman and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Gilbert, Arizona. Mastered DIY over the internet.


Dave would like to thank Taylor for his undying persistence in getting him to accept Ableton into his life, and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences for the most amazing set of microphones he has ever seen or used.

Ariel would like to thank Dave for thanking the people that he thanks, because Dave’s thanks pretty much cover Ariel’s thanks. Also, Ariel thanks his chuchkin.

8 Responses to “sp00 – Bombdiggety”

  1. That’s a nicely diverse set of tunes you got there. I liked them all and hearing Self Healing made me go dig through the bin and spin my old “Be There” Unkle EP for an encore.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhh arieeeeeeeeel + ramen !!!!!

    soundin’ fuckin’ AWESOME !!!!!

    i’m super jealous that i wasn’t a part of this 🙁 🙁 🙁

    i’m LOVIN” it !!!!!!!

    biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig congratulations !!!!!

    biggest martian love , respect + aloha , az always !!!!!


  3. Clif: You’re the second person to mention Unkle – I’ll have to revisit them! Glad you enjoy the variety.

    Coppe: Thank you so much! Hope we can work on some tracks again soon!

  4. nice tracks boys, can’t believe you let me download the album for nothing… thanks i appreciate it. Like me i believe all art should be free to enjoy.
    Please fee free to visit my images at

    and use any you may want. If you need anything else doing drop me an email via flickr or via my register in email.

    pete s

  5. I just noticed that the track order was messed up in iTunes – apparently, eyeD3 doesn’t write the track number, it just pretends like it does. I’ve re-ID3’d all the tracks and re-uploaded the album, so if you’ve had trouble getting the it to play right in iTunes, download the album again – this version should be fixed. Sorry about that.

  6. Way fun guys! Easily the best sp00 album yet! Thanks a million for the tunes!

  7. I keep coming back for more bomb diggety!

  8. good stuffz!

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