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Apocalypse E.L.E.

Play track Download track  1. ANgR MgMT · zhreough
Play track Download track  2. ANgR MgMT · Hasten (ninja'd)
Play track Download track  3. ANgR MgMT · Energy Cascade
Play track Download track  4. ANgR MgMT · I Am Well
Play track Download track  5. ANgR MgMT · Wubbling Toward Cuddles (Mango Flavor RMX)
Play track Download track  6. ANgR MgMT · Work and Play
Play track Download track  7. ANgR MgMT · Wooly Mammoth Stomp (Floorcrusher RMX)
Play track Download track  8. ANgR MgMT · Gates to Anywhere
Play track Download track  9. ANgR MgMT · Year's End

ANgR MgMT – Apocalypse E.L.E.


If the world were to end today, this album would be its theme for doing so. Complete with beams of judgment, this album depicts the world ending the way it should be done: beautifully, and finally. Each original track was created from the ashes of a major crisis or other world-shattering event, and both remixes are completely annihilated versions of the originals. Enjoy, and remember to watch the show from a safe location: the edge of the solar system.

11 Responses to “ANgR MgMT – Apocalypse E.L.E.”

  1. yah! i am putting this on my mp3 player today

  2. The Apocalypse has never been so beautiful
    Excellent !

  3. this is a truly sp00-rific album. cheers!

  4. I’m diggin’ your approach to management…

  5. YAY — this ANgR disc is awesome.

  6. this album blew my crotch off. awesome.

  7. I likes 🙂

  8. Thank you.
    That is important for me to say first.
    Thank you for this beautiful music. I have spent too much time away from the genre of music which I love, trying fit in with everyone else. I have always been the odd one out (music genre-wise). I was dumped a few months ago by my boyfriend, and after feeling sorry for myself, i decided to I needed to get back to my roots…. what I love. I joined an idm forum to find out what I have missed and someone guided me to this website – to you in particular. This album blew me away when I first heard it. I sat in my room crying. Crying from the beauty of this music, but also for finally finding music that I really love and not just what everyone around me listens too. Since first listening to it, I have downloaded it onto my mp3 player and listened to it quite a bit. It has so far helped inspire me to find me. I have been blindly searching for myself since being dumped (feeling like a little girl lost), but now I have my own sowntrack to it. This is an apocalyptic album, which is true in a way for me, because it’s the end of an old era, but then it’s also a rebirth. This might all sound a bit crazy and full on… I know it’s just music. But… I have been lsitening to such sht for so long, that it is gold for my ears. So… Thank you. From a slightly (or very) over emotional girl trying to better herself.

  9. Outstanding album. Nothing like it.

  10. This has to be an album with not one bad song! Thank you very much

  11. I just discovered AM the other day. I am blown away!

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