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Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo

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Nikmis – Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo


‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo, Which Had Undergone Musk Gland Enhancement Surgery, at The Expense of €599, in Order To Achieve Success With Members of the Opposite Sex. His name were Edward, and In Life He Had Been a Trained Ventriloquist, Although He Had Never Been to The Ocean’,

or ‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo’ for short, is Nikmis’ second full-length release on spoomusic, or anywhere for that matter! Artwork by Randy Green!

‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo’ tells a story, concerning the mysterious ‘Blue-Blooded Wendigo’, which is apparently a giant mushroom near the ocean. Nikmis is shocked to see it, while stick figures dance in the sky. Nikmis must race against the clock to defeat the evil giant spider of death, who is an interesting fellow! Also, there is music, of the electronic/classical variety. Its sort of like Wendy Carlos except the music is not as good as Bach, and the synthesizers are not as smart as the Moog Modular. Not that Nikmis means to put himself down, thats just the truth. Track 11 is by a cover from guest artists, The Sideshow Brothers, who did an A Capella Version of Elo (track 8).. This is a mystery even Nikmis can’t solve. Can you? No, you can’t. Or can you?

“Its fantastic! Its so awesome, people will be sending him vast quantities of money. They will be selling their cars, stealing them back, and driving the sold and stolen vehicles to wherever it is that Nikmis lives, and giving the cars and money as offerings to him. Nikmis will be much too magnanimous to accept such petty gifts, and instead will only accept their unwavering servitude. As a result, Nikmis shall rule the world. However, one day yeti partisans will discover that ‘Nikmis and the Mystery of the Blue-Blooded Wendigo’ wasn’t half as good as ‘Eine Kleine Nekopanmusik’, and the revolutionaries will be victorious, curse their furry hides. Nikmis will die as he lived, cold and alone on the frozen plains of Canada, while drinking tea. It will be oolong tea, of the tung ting variety.” – an impartial review by someone who isn’t Nikmis

Nikmis on myspace!
The Sideshow Brothers (who did track 11)
A Nikmis Fansite, if you can believe it

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  1. FUDG3!!!!1

    And furthermore, did you see my other comment?

  2. nikmis i love you!

  3. We need more Nikmis.

  4. MUM.

  5. WE LOVE NIKMIS!!! This is even better than your last album.

  6. mdk pimpom

  7. Nikmis Rocks!!

    looking forward to playing this album loud!

  8. Amazing! You are truly unique and talented Nikmis!

  9. NIKMIS — yet another amazing album worthy of all of my moneys, USD and otherwise, and also worthy of all of my cars, fictional and not otherwise. Yet another amazing album, and a downright hilarious commentary. GOOD SHOW SIR

  10. AWESOME DUDE!!! I loved the first album, I love the second album, and you are a far better writer than I, because I even love the comments!! Awesome stuff man, please don’t quit making trax (or loltastic commentary) any time soon!!!

  11. hooray! thanks and thanks.

  12. glad you are apart of the sp00 family! 🙂

  13. Really loved it.

    The Sideshow Brothers cover is really spectacular, too.

  14. super lovely! wow… 🙂

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  16. Very very cool!

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