An Interview with Sir Katiie


We caught up with Sir Katiie at the Secret Society for Feline Telepathy. You know how McDonald’s used to have those big play areas filled with plastic balls that you could jump into and ‘swim’ around in? Well, this place had one of those, but it was filled with kittens. We were swimming in a sea of Siamese when quite suddenly we were face-to-face with our dear friend, Sir Katiie. What other pseudonyms have you been known as?

Sir Katiie: None, that I know of.

Spoo: If you had to choose another alias, say, at knifepoint, what would it be?

SK: I have no idea. I’d probably get one of those online generators to come up with something for me. Something cool, like KLBAC. Yeahhhhhh.

Spoo: What made you get into music?

SK: It was forced upon me by my dad, who loves Gary Numan.

Spoo: Did your parents play instruments growing up? Please tell us you were in a family band…

SK: Sorry! No family band, although I did do a duet with my brother once when we were little! My mum used to play the classical guitar and my dad is tone deaf.

sir-katiie-pic-2.jpgSpoo: What kind of music do you listen to?

SK: I mainly listen to solo violin stuff, death metal and new wave although my favourite band is Alice in Chains.

Spoo: Where do you get your musical inspiration from? Please tell us Crackerjack boxes.

SK: Boredom. It’s something brilliant to fill the time with. Also, other music inspires me, especially if it’s a really well thought out piece.

Spoo: What happens to music… IN THE FUTURE???

SK: I think the “brown note” would feature heavily in this.

Spoo: If you could play the brown note for anyone, and have them, well, react, who would it be?

SK: My boyfriend, Lambert, because it’d be hilarious.

Spoo: Are there any musicians out there that you would literally die for to collaborate with? Possibly meaning the death of your very soul?

sir-katiie-pic-3.jpgSK: Anyone who’s willing!!

Spoo: Interesting. Who are some of the people that influenced your music most?

SK: Layne Staley, Gary Numan, Ian Curtis, Sp00, Mummy, Daddy and Lambert.

Spoo: You make us blush… and giggle… Do you plan the songs that you write, or do they just happen?

SK: It depends. Off my Wicked Child EP, Two Robots was extremely planned and took about 4 months of working on manuscript before I even thought about putting it into a computer. The rest seemed to just fall into place though.

Spoo: You say that you wrote the manuscript for Two Robots for months prior to putting it into the computer. Where do you get your experience in music composition? What instruments do you play?

SK: In school we got forced to study music theory and composition and it sort of stayed with me. I still study music theory and I probably should still work on composition. My main instrument is violin and I’ve been playing for around 13 years now. I also play (not very well) the viola, guitar, bass guitar and piano. I try and sing but it just doesn’t happen.

It was then that I was assailed by a rabid calico. I was treated later with seventeen needles into my stomach and a Flinstone Vitamin. I recovered simply to say thank you to Sir Katiie for the interview!

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