An Interview with Insik Sate

insik-sate-pic-1.jpgWe don’t know how we got there, nor can we prove that we were there at all, but this interview was conducted in a UFO. There were aliens around, but they were preoccupied, drinking martinis and smoking cigars. You know the type. Big ovan black eyes, small gray bodies, fedoras and tommy guns. We were sitting in a booth in the corner when one of these aliens approached us and pulled a zipper down from the top of his head. It was Insik Sate in disguise! other aliases have you gone by?

Insik Sate: none, just the one.

Spoo: If you were forced at raygun-point to choose another alias, what would it be? (pulls out raygun)

IS: honestly, I had hard enough time deciding on this one, so it’s tough to say really. at gunpoint? that’s pretty rough. i have nothing here, so just shoot me. i would really like a one sylable alias, but i feel like its hard to find one that’s not taken, so i resort to coining new words like “insik.”

Spoo: We’ll spare you the disintigration. (holsters raygun) What made you get into music?

IS: i was a lonely kid who taught myself how to play instruments to express myself.

Spoo: What instruments do you play? And are there others that you really want to learn?

IS: i play guitar, bass, piano, trumpet, and mandolin, and i would very much love to learn the drums.

insik-sate-pic-2.jpgSpoo: Mental note: no kazoo skills. What kind of music do you listen to?

IS: jazz, electronic (IDM if you will), indie rock.

Spoo: What inspires you to write your music?

IS: emotions.

Spoo: Surely you mean emoticons. What do you think is next as far as the future of music?

IS: the fact that i don’t know is what keeps it interesting, so i am going to have to dodge that one.

Spoo: Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

IS: bjork, but that’s a pipedream. i would eventually like to arrange a performing group fusing laptoppers and instrumentalists.

Spoo: Who are some of the people that influenced your music most?

IS: aphex twin, boards of canada, bjork, my college professors, and a bunch of jazz musicians nobody knows.

Spoo: Jazz musicians that we don’t know? Do tell!

IS: well when i was in school i played with alot of jazz kids; and ended up being heavily influenced by the other students. some names…..dezron douglass, dan voss, craig hartley, mike purcell, ray mcmorrin, jen hartswick, and andy moroz. then there was my jazz composition/big band professor chris casey. he is a really awesome musician and teacher. so yeah, that’s that.

Spoo: Do you plan the songs that you write, or do they just happen?

IS: they just happen, though sometimes i have to force myself a bit to sit down and let them happen.

Spoo: Subway or Taxi?

IS: subway dude, i’m not made of money!

Suddenly, with a bright flash, we were back in headquarters with no memory of the last three hours. Fortunately, our X10 camera that we bought off a spam e-mail got it all! Thanks for the interview, Insik Sate!

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