An Interview with ANgR MgMT

angr-mgmt-pic-1.jpgWe were casually plummeting towards Earth from the stratosphere in a high-altitude skydive when we spotted a little dot falling at the same speed. We swooped over to it and found that it was our very own ANgR MgMT. Why not do the interview during the free-fall? So very odd to see you here, plummeting towards Earth like this. Anyway, ever gone by anything else?

ANgR MgMT: My first attempts at organizing sound into music were done under the moniker “Unknown Electronika”

Spoo: What was it that made you get into music in the first place?

AM: Aphex Twin. Richard D. James made me want to explore the art of sound after hearing the track “4” from the Richard D. James album. At the time, I was into Korn and Pantera, and a friend played me “Come to Daddy” which piqued my interest. After that he let me borrow a couple of CDs, and voila, I was hooked. I picked up a copy of MTV Music Generator, and began to make REALLY bad trance music. Soon after, I found Rebirth, and ModPlug Tracker and away I went!

Spoo: What kind of music do you listen to?

AM: The kind that makes me feel good. Depending on the artist/track I have been known to listen to metal, ska, punk, pop, jazz, funk, gospel, “emo”, all kinds of electronic music, rock, hip hop, rap, symphony, classical, reggae, accapella, and disco. Just about anything that feels good!

Spoo: Does anything inspire you to write your music? Any particular emotion?

AM: For the most part, sadness. I lived a hard life for a long time (of my own choosing), and experienced many pains, many losses, and much sadness. I have often used music to alleviate those feelings, and also to augment them (human nature I guess). And sometimes, it’s just “I wanna track!!! NOW!!!”

Spoo: What do you think is next as far as the future of music?

AM: Music has been the same but different for thousands of years. As far as what I think (which is terribly irrelevant), I have a sad feeling that pop will continue to be king, and before you know it there will be naked people performing terrible rewrites of old songs (it’s almost there now!!). However, as electronics have entered almost all pop and R&B style music, I have a hope that some day, you can turn on the radio, and instead of hearing the crappy house/trance/dance music they’re playing now, you’d hear some good old Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. That would be sweet.

Spoo: We can only hope that pop music finally goes the route of naked artists. Speaking of artists… Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

AM: ZOMG, if I had the choice I’d collaborate with anyone I listen to. I could learn a lot from just about any of the electronic artists I call my favorite: Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, Chris Clark, Boards of Canada, Terminal11, sp00, Modem (been there, done that, doing it again soon!), etc.

Spoo: Who are some of the people that influenced your music most?

AM: My ex-GF Nina, as she is a source of great sadness. Also, my current GF Kimberly, as she is a source of great happiness. Kind of a balance… I suppose that my friends are often an influence as I sometimes make tracks entirely to hear them say “that’s badass”.

Spoo: That’s badass! Do you plan the songs that you write, or do they just happen?

AM: Both. I plan in a certain key, with certain sounds that I like, then the rest just happens.

Spoo: Thank you! We love you.

AM: No problem! I love y’all too!

As our parachutes opened, our interview ended. Thanks, ANgR MgMT! You RULE!

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  1. Just read this for the first time! Dude – you always rocked, now I just have proof. Love ya!

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