New minimalist phod smatterings by Sudonim

Hi everyone! Guess what? We’re wearing tuxedos! Why? Because we are presenting Sudonim and his debut release, the ballad of manuel automatic. We’re serving up cutlets of minimal IDM garnished with chopped up vocal bits and snippetbeat purée. Sudonim sneaks inside your head with an unsuspecting bounce and claws his way out with titanium fingernails, leaving you joyously fried in a puddle of your own blippets. Hold on to your circuits, you may be apt to drop them in a toe-tapping frenzy.

In other news, we are happy to relay that work on our premier compilation album has begun. It will feature a slew of artists and a handful of their alter egos, as well as some really exciting guest musicians. More to be posted as progress is made. In the meantime, stop reading this and go listen!

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