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Eine kleine nekopanmusik

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Nikmis – Eine kleine nekopanmusik

wpid-nikmis-eine-kleine-nekopanmusik-medium.jpgIt’s hard to say exactly what goes through the mind of a genius when he sits down to create a masterpiece. Unfortunately Einstein is not around to describe how he felt when theorizing about E=MC2, and DA Vinci will never tell us how it felt to paint The Mona Lisa, but luckily for us we have Nikmis, who has repeatedly sat down to write not one, but dozens of such masterpieces, each one a complex and powerful artistic work in its own right, but at the same time an intensely personal and heart-felt engagement of the senses. If you were to ask him how creating such beautiful works of the highest of art forms feels, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you, since of course, as bees alighting in their pursuit of nectar and ants marching forth to protect the colony, he is only doing what comes most naturally to such an awe-inspiring menage-a-trois of creative genius.

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  2. This reminds me of a really really old moog synth album from 1968 called “Switched-on Bach.” Great stuff. 😀

  3. ugh, that description makes me cringe. I just hope everyone that has visited this page understood it was supposed to be a joke

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