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wjoo. joo.
Full Moon Yawn

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wjoo. joo. – Full Moon Yawn

wpid-wjoo.-joo.-full-moon-yawn-medium.jpg wjoo. joo.+ – Full Moon Yawn

“I suddenly see myself whizzing through chrome chutes lit up with tiny multi-colored flashing light-emitting diodes. They turn all directions as I zig and zag at high speeds. Then, just as suddenly, I am spit out of the chute and flying through the air. It’s moist, hazy, like I’m soaring through bright green clouds. Backwards gravity pulls me upward and I slam against a ceiling, looking down at what seems to be the sky. I turn into a dot, able to see and travel in all directions at once. As I expand, I recognize that I am simultaneously shrinking, becoming infinitely small. I see the Universe as a molecule, and I am that molecule that I am seeing.”

– a friend describes listening to Full Moon Yawn.

“wjoo. joo.+ feeds you shards of broken glitch, but not before coating your throat with a slippery pink liquid.”

– sleem

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  1. I remember this from about 20 years ago, when I had a Speak & Math. I think I stumbled across the “wjoo. joo.+” thing when I pressed the “greater than/less than” and “write it” keys at the same time, which threw a glitch into the program. You didn’t even need to “bend” the circuit to get it. A big problem with it though, was that once it’s in that mode, the only way to shut it off and bring the S&M back to normal, was to take out the batteries!

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