New Release – A Hasse B Audio Input Device

Well hello, dear friends of — have we told you lately that we love you? We’re going to do so today in the form of two phenomenal releases! First up, a brand new artist to, ladies and gentlemen Hasse B! /cheer

We know that you have all been desperately craving some slammin’ clipt-hop beats and our hero Hasse B has come to the rescue with A Hasse B Audio Input Device. These tunes project images of skyscrapers in the city and under-the-club basement parties, and you may very well find Hasse B within either of these locations. Listen to it immediately!

But wait! There’s more! We’ll give you the new Hasse B album, the knife set, the poisonour brown recluse spider larvae, and, for a limited time only, brand new live electrozonic mayhem brought to you by sp00 and DJ Kluge! Yes, it’s true, we have added a second live set to the Minimal Math Guild recordings by the name of Substring Theory. Act now and you can have all of this — absolutely free, no strings attached!

lots of love – your friendly friends at

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