March is over update

Wellz, the ol’ March is over. It’s been a crazy month for your friendly friends at We want to thank everyone for coming to our three shows. First was the First Fridays art walk in downtown Phoenix with the power generators and the random old guys talking to sp00 whilst in the middle of trying to beat match three laptops. Second was the massively lovely COPPE + sp00 + Back Ted-N-Ted + Mike B. + Jas + Terminal 11 show at Modified Arts — are there guest artists that I’m forgetting? Probably. We got audio and video recordings of that one, which will eventually be posted here. Then there was the sp00 + About + Dirty Hasselhoff + Tokyo Bloodworm + ancient plague mummy massacre incarnate osiris show at The Paper Heart, which was the goodness. Thanks again everyone who came, we love you more than words could possibly express! Even words like eternally, undying, and googolplex. We love you forever + forever for your support.

In other news, Sleem of sp00 has been creating Sound Borbs. Sound Borb is a free ambiance generator. Sleem has been putting together some wicked sounding ambiances — you can download Sound Borb by clicking HERE and you can download Sleem’s Borbs here: Asylum, Snorx, Vioswarm, Honey.

In other other news, we have tons of amazing music pending, so hold on to your britches and/or your suspendies and prepare to blast off into the futuristic year of 600 billion trillion thousand.

<3 always to the spoo heads,

sleem + ramen + tinklesquirt

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